Your Daily Good News: Special Election Primary Edition

All the old ladies volunteer their time at the polls but you still have to pay unionized municipal workers money to move the voting machines, watch people move the voting machines, turn the lights on, hire a cop, buy donuts and coffee…

Berkshire Eagle

Chelmsford is joining the long list of cities and towns pissed off at the state Department of Revenue.

Lowell Sun

“Bartender let me get a ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum and coke…what?! You’re cutting me off? Aww come on just one more…Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” The data for for overserving patrons at local watering holes is out.

Sun Chronicle

South Coast doctors, nurses, and X-ray technicans trained at ITT tech are worried that you slackers don’t care about manbearpigswine flu. There’s a war on out there and it’s a war for your throat and nasal passages people! Wash your damn hands.

South Coast Today

Governor Patrick ruins the sausage fest fun for everyone at the Clover Club by getting his inner Susan Sontag on.

Boston Globe

Peter Gelzinis writes a decent human interest story about an old election day worker in Ted Kennedy’s precinct in Hyannis. Hey, Yvonne Abraham you should call Peter and ask him how he does it.

Boston Herald

Hey Plymouth your vote on the .75% meals tax is scheduled for the Special Election on January 19. Don’t screw up or I’ll punch you in the face with my receipt from that breakfast place in the harbor. You know the one with the ocean view next to a packie. I can’t remember the name but they had great huevos rancheros. Does that help?

Patriot Ledger

Your Daily Video

The following is a video from a cross country road trip in 1995. The film was shot with a Super 8 camera and layered over it is the song from the legendary Modern Lovers track “Roadrunner”

“I got my radio on.”

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