Will Martha Coakley join other Attorney Generals in the fight against the buying of votes?

“”The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means”” – Georges Bernanos

Yesterday South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster was joined by six other Attorneys General in probing the constitutionality of what is being dubbed the “Nebraska Compromise”.  They are attacking it on equal protection grounds. The AP has the story.

The top prosecutors in seven states are probing the constitutionality of a political deal that cut a funding break for Nebraska in order to pass a federal health care reform bill, South Carolina’s attorney general said Tuesday.

Attorney General Henry McMaster said he and his counterparts in Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, Texas and Washington state – all Republicans – are jointly taking a look at the deal they’ve dubbed the “Nebraska compromise.”

“The Nebraska compromise, which permanently exempts Nebraska from paying Medicaid costs that Texas and all other 49 states must pay, may violate the United States Constitution – as well as other provisions of federal law,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said.

The quote by Bernanos above fits this situation well.  The push for a healthcare bill by the Obama Administration and his subordinates Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has been conducted with an “any means necessary” mentality.  Democrats and progressive pundits alike have been saying, “this is the way things are done” in regards to this bill.  Well it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Two questions remain for Attorney General now Candidate Coakley:

1) Will she join the seven other Attorneys General in fighting the constitutionality of the “Nebraska Compromise”.

2) Would she accept a deal for Massachusetts in exchange for her vote on a piece of legislation?

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  • nomad943

    My wife astounded me yesterday when she brought me the Boston Globe to show me that indeed John Kerry was doing something for Massachusetts.


    According to the globe story Kerry was saving some expensive program (600 million) for GE Lynn to build a backup engine that noone wanted or will actualy use, but by continuing to pump our money into GE it would save a few (union) jobs here in Mass.

    Surely this is small potatoes, but rather than being a touting point, isnt throwing money at something noone needs an example of what is WRONG with our system?

    Couldnt they think of a place 600 million could actualy do some good, rather than to a handful of GE employees and GE shareholders?

    This corrupt system must fail and hopefully this “Nebraska Comprimise” was tha camels proverbial straw.

  • Question No. 1 – NOPE

    Question No. 2 – In a New York minute!