Where is the poll?

Since the December 8th primary for United States Senate major national polling firms have done polls for United States senate races in ND, PA, MO, FL, NY, NV, IL, CO, OH and CT.  Yet nowhere have we seen a poll for the race here in MA just 3 short weeks away.  While I am delighted to see Republicans leading in 9 of these 10 races, the absence of a Brown vs. Coakley (vs Kennedy) post primary poll is becoming stranger with each passing day.

The 2008 Senate matchup between John Kerry and Jeff Beatty was polled at least 10 times, including 4 times withing the last 4 weeks of the election.  Beatty’s closest margin was 24%.

The Democratic primary was heavily polled by the media even though Martha Coakley held a commanding lead from start to finish.  On November 11, the Suffolk University/WHDH Poll showed Coakley ahead by a 44% to 17% margin over her closest competitor.  This poll was run after they ran a September 16th poll also showing Coakley with a commanding lead.  Similar primary polls were run by Western New England College and UNH/Boston Globe.  The size of Coakley’s lead in the primary did not hinder polling nor media coverage.

Now, in the general election we are left empty.  The Boston Globe and WHDH have refused to give the general election the same attention they give Democrat primaries.


In related news, where is the national party?  Scott Brown represents a potential 41st Senator.  His election could bring Obama’s entire agenda to a screeching halt.  The Boston Herald covered this story today.  Consider me one of the outraged local Republicans.

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