Weekly Constitutional Office Money Watch Week 8

“Politics I supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan.

Gubernatorial Race

Charlie Baker (R): $40,921 in one deposits.

Timothy Cahill (U): $0.00 in no deposits. Tim Cahill’s bank is lackluster in reporting these numbers.

Christy Mihos (R): $0.00 in no deposits.

Deval Patrick (D): $48,175 in 13 deposits.

The rest of the constitutional offices are after the jump…

Lieutenant Governor’s Race

Timothy Murray (D): $0.00 in no deposits.

Richard Tisei: Richard Tisei raised $75,680 in four deposits.

Attorney General’s Race

Martha Coakley (D): $0 in zero deposits

Steve Baddour (D): Steve Baddour has said he may throw his hat into the ring for Attorney General.  As of 12/31/08 he had $263,659 in the bank. (Steve has not converted his account yet.)

Auditor’s Race

Mary Connaughton (R): $260 in one deposit that finally got recorded by Mary’s bank.

Guy Glodis (D):* $0.00 in no deposits.

Kamal Jain (U): $0.00 in no deposits.

Earle Stroll: $0.00 in no deposits.

*Guy Glodis will be announcing shortly.

Treasurer’s Race

Stephen Grossman (D): $21,950 in 12 deposits.

Joe Connolly (D): $150.00 in one deposit.

Brian Herr (R): Has not formed a committee.

Secretary of State’s Race

William Galvin (D): “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” – Terry Pratchett

The prince of darkness raised $1,750 in one deposit.

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  • This is great information, but I think you may be placing too much of the burden for slow reporting on the banks.  The candidates are supposed to (i) deposit any funds received in their appointed bank within 7 days of receipt and (ii) report an itemized listing (in alphabetical order) via the OCPF within certain time frames based on the proximity of the election for which the contributions are being collected.  The delays in having the information available on the deposits has nothing to do with the banks and everything to do with the candidates’ speed, or lack thereof, in reporting the information on the OCPF website.  In fact, if you look at the reports for Tisei you will not see any comparison to the bank deposit amounts which you would if there were bank deposit reports received at OCPF yet you see the deposit amounts and individuals as reported by the campaign.  

    It is time to ask all the Republican campaigns to not only keep up (actually ramp up) the fundraising activity, but also strive to be even more timely in filing OCPF reports.