Watching the MIHOS staff wait and wait and wait and wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like an episode from a comedic sitcom in Woburn last night.  GOP loyalists who were there kept watching in amazement at the pained facial expressions being made by Joe Manzoli and the other Christy Mihos supporters on hand for the meet the candidates night in Woburn  – the city where Christy supported the last Democrat State Representative, Mr. Natale.

However, no matter how many times Mihos’ campaign manager Joe Manzoli glanced at his watch, the former Independent candidate for governor was a complete no show with no explanation offered.

It was rather disappointing to many people who took time out of their busy schedules to hear what Christy, seriously lagging in fundraising and support, might have to say.  Perhaps the multi millionaire from West Yarmouth was concerned that it would be revealed before the Woburn senate district that he has previously supported the Democratic office holder in the House for that district.

Another eccentric episode from the Mihos Machine.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Because it is basically the same thing (Christy supported a Dem).  Had it been all in one post I would not have had to read two rants – only one…..

  • politicalmadman

    If they can’t get it together by being prompt and keeping committments to Repuboicans now, then how are they going to do it in the future ??

  • …but I know this has happened to Baker too.  I also doubt that the event broke up with nobody offering an explaination of any kind.  It is implied that this was a Mihos event, but reading between the lines, it may have been a multiple candidate forum.  Manzoli ALWYAYS looks pained.

    Concrete example – Baker waltzed in late to the Middlesex Club dinner (EaBo was there, so there is some verification, unlike this),significantly later than all the other candidates.  All of them had spoken, and we had moved on to the soup, as it were, before Baker arrived and then wanted to speak.  I can think of one other event where he never showed, due to weather problems, (no independent verification, as I didn’t see any RMG there) but I never felt moved to post about it and imply that a schedule problem meant he was unfit.

    If that’s RMG policy, I’ll have to start documenting these MONUMENTAL failures.

  • We’re not going to go easy on you because you changed gender. I am just quietly compiling my list of Baker misdeeds. But please, give me a number? Exactly how many disappointed Mihos supporters were there? Have you noticed WE Mihos are very comfortable with our candidate. There is no need to document Baker transgressions. We’re calmly, quietly, and confidently winning.