Two time Losers

We hear it all the time, “This is our year”, from Republicans. But we cannot play the hand the same as we did before. We cannot put candidates up who have lost before and recycle them. They didn’t win before and they won’t win now. We need new faces, new ideas, new methods. We don’t need people running that lost before.

I’m seeing people running for seats that have a history of losing. In some cases these people lost twice and three times before and now they’re coming back out of their holes and attempting to run again. Is our party stupid to back such ridiculous moves. The answer is “YES”!!! This is insanity. Voters aren’t stupid. They didn’t elect these people before and they won’t again. I ask the GOP leadership to use some common sense and ask these people to step down. Find someone that is a new face face with new ideas. If not, we’ll lose opportunities again.


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