The flaky atmospherics at the Mihos Campaign.

The front page of the Mihos web page has been amended to note that Christy’s dog died.  The news is a new section which dominates the center front of the page.

“Our dog, Reagan, was our Canine Campaign Coordinator in 2006,” says  “He was fearless, as are all Yorkies, and always went after groups of wild turkeys who were chasing us home.”  

Sadly, Reagan isn’t here to coordinate the present campaign, as the staff in place now appears to be ready to take a shellacking in the just around the corner caucuses.

But that’s not the point.

I love man’s best friend too, but dear God in Heaven.

Someone running for governor puts this type of news as the epicenter of their Internet campaign when the following is happening –

1.  Unemployment in Massachusetts is in reality 16 to 18 percent, all things considered.

2.  The recession is so brutal that grocery sales are down for the first time in half of a century.  

3.  Foreclosed homes dominate the landscape from Cape Cod to the Berkshires.

4.  Governor Patrick’s tax policies have only hurt the Commonwealth and made us less business friendly.

5.  Barack Obama is digging us a new abyss of debt not seen since the Weimar Republic, thus risking another financial crisis that may make the October Crash look like a cake walk.

6.  The state house is corrupt beyond belief, as seen by the most recent state senator sentenced to House Arrest, almost routine for the Democrats on Beacon Hill.

7.  A terrorist almost blows up a plane, and Barack Obama says, to the nation’s dismay, it’s not connected to the overall war on terror.

8.  Food pantries around the country are reporting a massive increase in customers as people face tougher times than ever before and as it becomes more and more clear that the Obama economic policies have failed us totally.

And yet, Christy, amidst all this, wants us to focus on the passing of his dog, who I guess was his “canine campaign coordinator” when he ran against us in 06.  Is this some sort of skit from Saturday Night Live or something?????

I’m sorry, I don’t want anything to happen to anyone’s pet, but these are serious times and we need serious people to lead us forward. It’s just too weird to take him seriously any longer.

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  • …you seem awful worried about him.  If all the things you say are true, his campaign is poorly run, he has vastly less money they he has led people to think, than what have you to worry about?

  • Now this, I have to agree is utterly silly…TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!

    If anything, it’s probably a smart move to try to humanize Christy & make him relatable to the average voter.

    Hell, I had a dog (my 4-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Mattie) die early December 2009 and yes… if I had a campaign site, I’d probably have noted it at the time.  I still think that some of my buddy icons on AIM, Yahoo Messenger, etc. still show Pennie, my now 1-year-old Portuguese Cattle Dog (a gift from my vet for the passing of Mattie).

    Basically, there’s room for human interest tidbits during a campaign.  After all, Charlie does Twitter his children’s football games & all sorts of not-earth-shattering but nice-family-interest stuff.

  •  The man loses his dog and you’re blaming our states democratic legislature founded problems on Mihos? You have changed my mind. You can’t be a Baker mole, Baker people just aren’t that stupid. Can’t the governor hire anybody with a brain?

  • kidding me…….right?

    SO you walk around ALL DAY LONG thinking of nothing but the troubles in your world…..right?

    TO your checklist:

    1)  Make up any number you want.

    2)  OMG….people are spending less on food!!!  Good…we’re a buncha fat bastards anyway.  Even the poorest of our poor are fat bastards.

    3)  Whoa….foreclosed homes DOMINATE the landscape?????  Holy shit!!!!  In what Absurdistan does the current foreclosure rate translate to “dominates”????

    4)  In what Absurdistan does the Massachusetts governor have a say in taxes compared to the Democrat supermajority in the legislature?

    5)  In what Absurdistan does the Mass Guvna have anything to do with Barack Freakin’ Obama and the Federal Government porking the pooch?

    6)  YEah…the Statehouse is corrupt.  Surely, your chosen candidate will sweep it all up….right?  YOUR candidate for governor will control the behaviors of the individual….right?

    7)  WTF does the MA guvna have to do with stopping terorists that board planes in foreign countries that are flying to……DETROIT???

    8)  WTF do Obama’s economic policies have to do with the MA guvna?????

    Get a freakin’ grip.

  • Why are we even commenting on this person? Look at her post history, there is so much bias that all credibility she may have is gone. WE GET IT…you don’t like Mihos…Just stop already. I hate that my headline section gets taken up by your meaningless posts.

    If we’re on the topic of posts made by Gubernatorial candidates, why don’t you toss in this gem by Charlie Baker.

    “Picking up my daughter at a friend’s house. Welcome to Xmas vacation. Mom and dad become chauffers and play date enablers. Sheeshh.”

    At lease Mihos knows how to spell chauffeur!  

  • your posts are childish and disgraceful…as a true GOPWOMAN I ask you please, either go away, or actually post something intelligent.

  • politicalmadman

    “Better to keep ones’ mouth closed and be thought of as a fool, as opposed to opening it and removing all doubt”.

    You sir/madam are an idiot.

    Note to editor: please, put this idiot out of his/her misery. Then again, he/she is making a case for Mihos so….