The Angelic One for Lt Gov.

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The recent controversy over the Tisei pick by Charlie Baker has angered many in our party. But, those in favor of that pick have thrown down the gauntlet to the other side to field a candidate. Well, here is one, The Angelic One.

He/she has the idepogy we need that reflects the Reagan/ Buckley fusionism. He/she has the knowledge on what the issue are and where the problems lay. He/she has the tenacity and the will to see our party flourish. Isn’t this what we are looking for ?

For those newcomers to RMG, Angelic used to post here.

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If push comes to shove & the crisis demands a new wave of leaders, I may heed the counsel of a few close friends/advisors & get back into professional politics – up to & including a run for office. Frankly, such a thought is unappealing to me but even more unappealing is the real prospect of socialism permanently disfiguring our constitutional republic. I can’t – & won’t – stand for that.

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My only parting thought to RMG is to express my hope that this blog will 1) continue to stay true to its ideals on developing a stronger conservative/libertarian voice for Massachusetts; 2) avoid being an echo for the Massachusetts Republican Party by forcing the state GOP to live up to the ideals it professes for itself; & 3) develop a practical ideology & promulgate it statewide utilizing the best communications technology now available to the public. I would be very disappointed with RMG if at some point it decided to play it safe by being a non-critical lap dog of the state GOP while being a knee-jerk attack dog on ALL things Democratic.

Why not draft The Angelic One ?  To all the State Committee people out there who are unhappy about the current state of affairs within the State party, what are you doing about it ?

Why are sitting idly by ?

Who would you like to see run for Lt. Gov. ??

If there is anyone here on RMG who knows he/she personally, please make the contact and ask if he/she is ready for a fight to save our party.

See the last post of The Angelic One below:…

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