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RMG Friends,

There continues to be a lot of media attention to the story about an 8-year-old in Taunton in regards to his religious expression in the classroom. While the facts of this story continue to come out, there is an ever growing outrage over not only this case, but the censoring of Christmas from the public square.


With incidents like this in mind, MFI had the foresight to file the Student Religious Freedom Bill (H.B. 376) in this year’s session of the Legislature garnering bipartisan support. (Read the bill HERE PDF.) The bill is awaiting approval by the Joint Education Committee, but this incident demonstrates the necessity of the legislation. Too often teachers and school officials are not aware of the rights of students in regards to religious expression in schools. This bill not only protects students, but protects the schools from costly lawsuits.

While the situation in Taunton is grabbing local and national headlines, the question remains how many other instances happen under the radar. Children are always looking to make their teachers happy, and therefore may be reluctant to speak up or report to their parents.

Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of the Student Religious Freedom Bill. Let friends and family know about this effort, and encourage them to sign this petition supporting the rights of students to express their faith in the classroom. We will forward this petition to members of the Joint Education Committee.

For our families,


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