Snowed In? Call for Scott Brown from the Comfort of YOUR OWN Home!

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I’m probably stuck still going into work this afternoon until closing but for those of you who can’t or do not want to make it out of your house – but you still want to help elect Scott Brown for US Senate (and hey, once you’ve finished shoveling, what else do you have to do when you’re stuck in your house?) then please keep reading to follow the instructions in the email below.

Brigade Members,

Due to the current weather advisory, we may not be able to open our Campaign HQ and are regional offices tomorrow.  Please check back on the Brown Brigade tomorrow for updates.

I also wanted to give you the inside scoop on a new program we are launching for volunteers from around the Country and those in State who live too far from one of our regional call centers.

Activists nationwide will be able to go online, log in with a unique username and password, and make calls to Massachusetts voters. The website is below:

Please feel free to share this link with friends and family around the Country and those who live too far from one of our call centers.  Have them contact me at and I will set them up with a user name and password.


Brad Hansen

Field Director

Scott Brown for US Senate

Visit BrownBrigade at:

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  • This was my 4th donation bringing my total to $250 so far.

    Please join me.  Click the banner at the top of the screen to donate to Scott Brown.

  • Good Morning,

    The following Scott Brown Offices are open from 11am – 7pm today:

    Needham Headquarters

    200 Reservoir St. Suite 101

    Needham, MA

    Contact: Brad Hansen 509-595-4683

    Worcester Regional Office

    18 Grafton St.

    Worcester, MA

    Contact: Bob Lashua 978-758-7500

    Danvers Regional Office

    151 Endicott St.

    Danvers, MA

    Contact: Joe Walsh 978-979-0685

    Boston Regional Office

    85 Merrimac St. 4th Floor

    Contact: Shaun Burke 781-854-6256

    Be safe on the roads but please remember that Scott needs your help in the next 30 days. If you have any time today to come to an office and make calls on Scott’s behalf, we will be happy to have you.


    Brad Hansen

    Field Director

    Scott Brown for US Senate