Scott Brown Has raised over $600K in December

I’m on a media conference call with Scott Brown he just announced that he is going to report well over $600K raised in December.  On line fundraising in the last week has been picking up with contributions from around the nation.


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  • The one ingredient missing from his campaign was cash. Depending on what his burn rate was in December he should be left with enough cash to run a legit media buy. That first ad is great. Personally, I hope his next ad is on cap and trade. After the cold stretch we’ve been having I know my gas bill is going to be pretty ugly. The message of Coakley=higher heating bills should be a persuasive argument to get independents to do the unthinkable and vote for a republican.

    Happy New Year.  

  • …not sure if this includes the end of November, but through Nov. 18th, Scott had raised $468,000, so he’s raised more in December than he did up through the Primary, plus whatever he might have raised the last two weeks of Nov.

    Bottom line, Scott will have the money to Compete these last three weeks.  You can help him even more by donating directly to his campaign, or support the RMG poll!

  • I’m looking for a link, but either the Herald or Globe reported Mitt Romney sent out a fundraising letter on Scott’s behalf. We all know Romney knows some pretty rich people, so hopefully that’ll bring in a bunch of money…

  • This put a smile to my face.  It means that the cries for help here, restate, and by fundraisers have been heard and people are responding.

    I’ve seen several postings at redstate and freerepublic with Brown’s name being promoted.  Sure would like to see the RNC and/or NRSC take notice and open their wallets.

  • It should be pointed out that it’s roughly a month and half, not a month of fundraising. Their last reporting deadline was also after his trip to DC where he vouched to the NRA, McCain and other big Republican donors at a NRSC committee fundraising event I heard him spoke of. Also, how much did the state GOP kick in after the primary on December 8th?? It was also reported the RNC did contribute $50K, which would have been after the primary. Good numbers, but very deceiving at first glance.

    The key is cash on hand though as another post stated. I heard from someone in-the-know they were very low in available funds at one point early to mid December, so my guess is that they have already burnt through more than half, if not close to 2/3’s of the $600K already. That is why Brown refused to answer the cash on hand total.