Save the SEALs Event with Tom Wesley

WHAT: Support the SEALs Event

DATE: Monday, December 7, 2009 – 10:00 am

LOCATION: 300 State Street, Suite 200, Springfield, MA

This Monday, December 7, three U.S. Navy SEALs will face court martial proceedings for making the world a safer place by apprehending one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq. This cold-blooded killer, Ahmed Hashim Abed, accused the three men of rouging him up while they were capturing him, splitting his lip. They have rejected non-judicial punishments, instead choosing the court martial path so that they can clear their names and continue to serve.

I will be presenting a letter to Congressman Richard Neal at his Springfield office (300 State Street, Suite 200) Monday morning at 10:00 am. In this letter, which he will hopefully put his signature next to mine, I call upon President Barack Obama to intervene on behalf of this courageous Navy SEALs team.

I invite you to join me, as concerned citizens, in showing your support for the SEALs. Come to the event this Monday morning, and sign your name to our petition as well. These brave men deserve our support as they face these outrageous charges. Lets show them that we care.

Click Here to sign the petition and RSVP for the event.

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