RMG Guide to Political Designations

Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians hold a virtual monopoly on primary ballot access in Massachusetts. They are not the only parties in the

Commonwealth.  In addition to these parties a plethora of registered political designations exist.  If you’ve not yet chosen a political party, maybe one of these designations would suit you better. (HT: The Elections Page)

Are you a disaffected Republican? sick of RINOs? Then what better way to strive for your principles than to join the ranks of the Conservative Party of Massachusetts.  They’ve been getting less than half a percentage point of the presidential vote for decades.

The Republican Party has consistently failed to uphold conservative principles on so many levels since Ronald Reagan that it can no longer be considered a legitimate representative of traditional American conservative values. That is especially true for most Massachusetts State Republicans. The Conservative Party of Massachusetts rectifies that shortcoming.

Do you believe scientific principles should rule the world, or a at least the nation and Commonwealth? Then the Natural Law Party may be for you. Unfortunately, according to their website, while they are a registered political designation they are not an active Massachusetts Party at this time.

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Still have that Perot ’92 bumper sticker? Think Jesse the Body Ventura was the greatest Governor Minnesota ever had?  Then the Reform Party of America, Massachusetts Chapter may be for you.  And as an added bonus, you can get in on the ground level as:


Currently Reorganizing

To participate in the reorganizing process, or for more information, please contact:   RPMA@rpusa.info

Are the soaring speeches of Jesse Jackson your thing? Are you looking to “Keep Hope Alive?” Then the Massachusetts Chapter of the Rainbow Push Coalition may be for you.

Do you thing Chuck Turner was framed? Or perhaps that Ralph Nader is what we truly need for America? Or that Grace Ross is the only true person to lead the Commonwealth?  Then the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is for you.  As an added bonus they have a cool theme song.


   * Oppose political parties and politicians who polarize the American people, demonize Communities of Color and the poor, and create scapegoats to avoid solving our nation’s real economic and social problems

   * Promote public financing of elections and the elimination of big money political campaigns

   * Promote and pass laws to help non-traditional parties get on the ballot

Are you too cool for the Conservative Party? Think us in the GOP have lost our way and even those Conservative Party Peeps aren’t conservative enough?  Then the Constitution Party of Massachusetts may be for you.  The interesting thing is the Constitution Party used to have primary ballot access but alas the support it once received has waned. They should probably think about teaming up with those Conservative Party peeps.

We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of

The Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution of the United States and

The Bill of Rights

According to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, these founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.

The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised.

We believe the major issues we face today are best solved by a renewed allegiance to the original intent of these founding documents.

Do you think overtime should only be used for training? That we should limit the hours of American workers like in France?  Then the Timesizing not Downsizing Party may be for you!

We have the only 21st-century platform in American politics today:

technology is for empowering, not replacing people –

Are you a party pooper? Believe that the “Old Black Rum” shouldn’t have a hold on anybody?  Do you believe the world would be a better place without reefer? Then the real party of no, the Prohibition Party is your cup of tea.


For Right to Life

Against Commercial Gambling

Against the Homosexual Agenda

Against Commercial Pornography

For the Right to Prayer and Bible Reading in the Public Schools

Against Commercial Sale of Alcohol and Other Harmful Drugs

Is George Wallace your idea of the perfect presidential candidate? Do you believe the greatest gifts to man come from god?  Then the American Independent Party is definitely for you. Although looking at their platform, I wonder why they don’t hook up with the Prohibition people and the Constitution Party and form a coalition.

We Acknowledge the Creator’s Gracious Gifts

The American Independent Party gratefully acknowledges God as the Creator of all and appeals to Him for help in protecting all He has graciously given us. With all these gifts comes the right to use them justly. Hence all such rights are the gifts of God as affirmed in our Declaration of Independence. These include the right to life and libery.

Do you love the direction the Obama administration is taking the country? Are you jazzed up about the bailouts and the government owning the means of production (General Motors)? Then the Socialist Party of Massachusetts is for you!

The Socialist Party of Massachusetts is the official state chapter of the Socialist Party USA. We participate in the movements against militarism and corporate globalization. As a grassroots party, we organize in our communities to address local issues. As socialists, we develop our own critical analyses of politics and world events. We currently have locals the Boston area and western Massachusetts.

The Socialist Party is a democratic socialist, feminist, anti-racist party, and we strive to establish a radical democracy that places people’s lives under their own control.

Socialism is not mere government ownership; it is not a welfare state; it is not a repressive bureaucracy. Socialism is a new social and economic order in which workers and consumers control production and community residents control their neighborhoods, homes, and schools. The production of society is used for the benefit of all humanity, not for the private profit of a few. Socialism produces a constantly renewed future by not plundering the resources of the earth.

Have they hooked up with the Progressives yet?

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