Richard Tisei: Opposing Tax Cuts

(The plot thickens… – promoted by Garrett)

Over the past 2 decades Republicans have been asked to sacrifice a lot in state government.  We have watched our Party’s platform dwindle into arguably a single plank of tax cuts.  We have been asked to accept nominees we disagree with on many issues all in the name of our precious income tax rollback.

Now in Richard Tisei we are being asked to give that up as well.

According to Citizens for Limited Taxation  “Sen. Tisei was the only Senate Republican to vote against the tax rollback on May 24, 2000.”  This was far from an isolated vote.  Tisei has received ratings as low as 43% from CLT.

Tisei has also been a vocal advocate in his opposition to cutting the income tax.  Last year he wrote a column in the Stoneham Sun in opposition to question 1.  Tisei said that repealing the income tax would “provide no real savings to taxpayers.”


If we are being asked to support a candidate on the strength of a single issue, shouldn’t that candidate be really strong on that issue?  

Sen. Tisei has opposed a number of tax increases including the 2009 sales tax hike.  Many Republicans abandoned an unpopular ballot question in 2008.  However, I do not think it is asking too much from the highest ranking Republican in the state to not actively campaign against tax cuts.  In my opinion he should use his limited media access to do things other than repeat the talking points of the left.

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