Reminder: Wednesday is the Last Day to Register Before the Special Election

(Swamp Yankee is a regular over at Red State hopefully we’ll see more of him here. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

We all know a few stragglers and independents who aren’t properly registered; maybe they’re new to the state, maybe they’ve moved, maybe they’re apathetic.

In a campaign that is placing its hopes on turnout and morale, I hope everyone can drag one or two stragglers to the appropriate city or town hall tommorow.  

Boston City Hall closes at 8:00 P.M.

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  • I find myself with a family member who are stragglers. rest assured they get themselves registered or they must face my political wrath! haha

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    EaBo says you are a regular poster on Red State, have you ever run into a blogger named Asa Bearse?  You can’t miss the guy, he’s loud, gets in your face if he disagrees with you, and uses the word “assclown” alot.  He may also be using the name “Tom’s Opinion”.  So if you see this guy can you ask him to sign back up at Redmassgroup again.  I miss his posts.  The guy totally fricken rules!!!!