Random Rants..Holiday Special

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Just a few random thoughts.

1)I saw Barbara Anderson in a local bookstore today. It got me thinking. Is there anyone that has impacted public policy dialog in Massachusetts more in the past 30 years?

2)The abortion discussion in this country will never end. It’s a bit like bringing peace to the Middle East. That being said, I’ve always wondered why true social conservatives don’t include in their abortion discussion the issue of making adoptions less expensive and less bureaucratic, particularly domestic adoptions.

3)I won’t be voting for Mr. Mihos, but I wish him well. It does sound like his fall was worse than we are being told.

4)What happened to Dick Morris?

5)Rajon Rondo sure is fun to watch.

6)Pats 31 Jags 13.

7)Deval Patrick’s Campaign Manager, Sydney Asbury, is a 2003 grad of Bowdoin. I’ve met her and wonder if she is keeping the seat warm for someone else. Deval’s Field Director, Clare Kelly is a 2006 BU grad. Sorry, but I’m not impressed.

8)First week of January the house takes up “Ed Reform.” I know ed reform and that is not ed reform! Real ed reform takes more balls than the Governor or Legislature have combined.  

9)Senator Galluccio should resign. He also deserves some privacy once he does resign. He needs help and he won’t get it in prison.

10)I’m guessing Cahill either bails out or gets less than 5% of the vote. He is unappealing on so many levels.  

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