Rand Paul’s Tea Party!

Today is the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party in 1773 when brave American patriots rebelled against an oppressive taxing government.  Today in 2009 we have Rand Paul’s Tea Party!  If you support constitutional limited government and balanced budgets, if you oppose massive corporate bailouts and socialist medicine please join me in donating to Rand Paul for United States Senate in today’s moneybomb!


Rand Paul can win this race!

According to the most recent SurveyUSA poll Rand Paul now leads in the Republican primary 35% to 32% and is tied with the Democrat front runner at 43% each in the general election.  In the same poll back in August, Rand Paul trailed in the Republican primary by 11%.  Before today’s moneybomb began, Rand Paul has raised over $1.4 million dollars.

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