Property Tax Hikes

The ongoing saga with the Department of Revenue and local communities is intensifying as property tax rates are rising across the state. Many communities across the Commonwealth are struggling with a backlog of local tax rate certification from the Department of Revenue and this is forcing some to issue estimated assessments to property owners.  The DOR has reportedly certified 246 out of the state’s 351 cities and towns. The official word from the DOR is that the backlog is due to budget cuts and a shoestring staff.  

Many communities have either approved property tax increase or are in the process of proposing them. Here are a few quick hits…

*All tax rates are per $1,000 assessed value.

Amherst is raising property taxes by a dollar and change.

Seekonk, also known as Rhode Island, is raising its property taxes by slightly under a dollar.

The Sun Chronicle

Chelmsford wants to raise its tax rate but the DOR is throwing a wrench into those plans.

Lowell Sun

Plymouth is raising its tax rate by $1.35 and that will add nearly $125 to current property tax bills.

Wicked Local Plymouth

Granby is raising its tax rate by $1.06 and it will add nearly $70-90 to property tax bills.

Springefield Republican

Pittsfield is raising property taxes to rate that will add nearly $84 to the annual bill.

Berkshire Eagle

BOSTON, the only city more important than my lovely Cambridge, is raising property taxes by over six percent! I am shocked, SHOCKED, that this occurred after a mayoral election.

Boston  Herald

Ludlowhas raised its property tax rate but people will see a decrease in their tax bill because their homes are worth less than a ranch home in Las Vegas.

Springfield Republican

Clinton is fooling around with how they split their tax burden but that still means residential property owners will see an increase in their bill.

MetroWest Daily News

Rehoboth is keeping its tax rate the same.

The Sun Chronicle

Attleboro residents will see an average increase of nearly $105 on their annual bill.

Sun Chronicle

South Hadley is increasing its residential tax rate by $1.43.

Springfield Republican

Braintree is increasing its residential tax rate by nearly sixty cents or 2.2%.

Patriot Ledger

Southborough cuts residential rate by ten cents but says the cuts are short term.

MetroWest Daily News

Marlborough, a well managed and fiscally responsible town, raised its residential property tax rates but due to lower assessment values the typical tax bill will decrease. Marlborough is one of the few locales to still use a resident tax credit, too. Their projected budget for 2010 will be somewhere between level and a 2% cut.

MetroWest Daily News

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