Poll & Open Thread: WORST LEGISLATION 2009!

The second annual Red Mass Group awards continue!  Last week they began with our BIGGEST NEWS STORY 2009!  Today we will continue with our worst piece of legislation.  Not all of these have passed yet, but they all make me want to cry for my country.  

Have fun fighting it out.


1) Stimulus: $787,000,000,000 down the tubes, but at least we kept unemployment below 8% as promised.

2) Deval Raises Taxes:  The sales tax was just the beginning.  Local options, alcohol and others have all served to make the citizens of New Hampshire very happy.

3) Cap and Trade:  Unilaterally disarming our economy is fun.  Here in the United State the Congress wants to put a regressive squeeze on the poor while China continues to expand.  At least this one has not passed the Senate yet.

4) Senate Appointment Changed:  This one makes me sick on principle.  The corrupt party of power, the Massachusetts Democrat Party, shows never ending hypocrisy.  If there was ever a reason to blindly vote for the letter (R) it is shown here.

5) Obamacare:  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  2010 can’t get here fast enough.

6) Bathroom Bill:  While still in committee on Beacon Hill, the left wants to micromanage the policies of private owners.  If you think the definition of a man is someone with a “Y” chromosome and a penis that could be a hate crime.

7) Cash for Clunkers  While it was just part a larger bill, the government spent billions of dollars to subsidize Japanese care and actively pay for the destruction of American property.

8) Pandemic Response Bill:  If you’ve ever wanted to watch a Libertarian foam at the mouth, mention this bill.  $1,000 a day fine for refusing vaccinations?  Big Brother called.  He wanted to let you know this goes a tad to far.

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    Way too much money, spent on way too few things, producing way too few jobs, with way too much waste.  It will go down in history as the worst moment in greedy politics.

    Next years ‘worst legislation’ award will go to Obamacare.

  • But I’m not feeling stimulated these days.

  • This needs to posted over at BMG. I’d love to see the poll results from there

  • Statistically speaking it is impossible such unmitigated Biblical Armageddon events such as this past year happened in only a single year.  The frequency and Satanic brilliance of their individual and collective destructiveness demands multi-year planning and co-ordination.  For example crash all trade began as a concept in 1993 with NAFTA then GATT and later Sarbanes-Oxley.

    Swine eleven started when government allowed direct to consumer ads by big pharma companies making medicine a mere for profit venture.

    And let me point back to the deregulation era of Clinton as the origin of the current stimulus package, or was it the failure to anti-trust Microshaft back into the stone age.