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The Patrick crowd is claiming that they are “Changing the culture on Beacon Hill.”

Let’s see.

In the past year we have seen the third Speaker in a row indicted. All Dems!

In the past year three State Senators have been indicted (Wilkerson, Galluccio, and Marzilli). Galluccio is now under house arrest given his recent conviction. Didn’t Deval endorse Senator Diane before photographs of her stuffing dollars in her bra emerged on the front page of the Herald? Did he ever endorse Marzilli? All Dems!

Pension, ethics, and lobbying reform have been passed, but the legislation is so watered down that you have to wonder what difference it even makes.

Sales taxes were increased in spite of the understood notion that you do not raise taxes when you are trying to get people back to work, not to mention the destructive effect this tax increase has on communities on the NH border.

The Speaker of the House and Senate President have a dysfunctional relationship with Deval Patrick.

Yes sir, you sure have changed the culture on Beacon Hill.

Deval, please take that message to the voters next Novenmber. Let the voters decide how much change you really have brought to Beacon Hill.

Change you can count on.

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