Palin Book

Between the Border’s gift card, a store coupon, and a store credit, I can walk into the local Borders and buy any book I wish for $0. I’ve now had the Sarah Palin book in my hands (30% off) twice and have walked out without the book. Maybe I’m waiting for the paperback. Is it worth reading?

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  • For the money I would pick up Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland.

  • Depends who you ask.

  • Thanks for the help to both of you.  

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    I never buy books anywhere but at library book sales.  I realize I am not ‘real time’ with much of my info as a result, but I do okay.  At the last library book sale I went to I came home with a grocery bag full of books for $5.  It included 2 Anne Coulters, 2 Bill O’Reillys, 3 personal finances and a partridge in a pairtree…..

    I will share one of my favorite websites with you all.  

    Book Sale Finder.  at

    It is a comprehensive listing of pretty much every library book sale in the country.  Just open the site and click on your state and it lists the upcoming library book sales.  Here is Massachusetts.

    Don’t tell anyone else about the site though!

  • Yes!  It is worth reading.  If you can pay $28 bucks for any book without flinching, it is worth it.  It is out in paperback at about half the price.

    I hardly ever pay full price for anything.  A buck saved is a buck earned.