Out of touch Deval

(Kevin is running again for Representative. Good for him to attack Patrick. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The governor, addressing listeners during his monthly appearance on WTKK-FM, noted his administration’s efforts to maintain the bulk of state aid to cities and towns; add local-option meals and hotel taxes; and end an exemption allowing telephone companies to avoid paying taxes on their poles and wires.

“I respect the question coming from local officials, but it’s about time, I think, local officials tell me what they’re doing,” Patrick, a Democrat, said in exasperation. “This is what we’re doing.”

He added: “If you think we should do more in Place A, then tell us where to cut in Places B, C and D – because those are the choices we’ve got, unfortunately.”

Patrick spoke in response to an e-mail submitted by Kevin Kuros, the vice chairman of the Uxbridge board of selectman. Kuros noted his town had voted Monday night to raise its property tax rate for the third time during the Patrick administration, and he asked about any plans the governor had for state-local revenue sharing going forward.

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Kudos to Uxbridge Selectman, Kevin Kuros. Here’s the facts:

1) The Governor’s handling of the GIC issue has been nothing short of a disgrace. His unwillingness to LISTEN to local officials and empower those officials to design health insurance plans has many communities teetering on insolvency. The 70% supermajority is so unattainable that less than 15 communities statewide have voted to implement the GIC. My community, Swampscott, is one of those that have passed the GIC, but did so only with a negotiated change in the split between employer/employee contributions. Deval Patrick’s has never once shown any interest in solving this budget busting local issue.

2) Taxes, taxes, and more taxes. How many motels, hotels, and restaurants does a community like Swampscott have and what real impact will a 1% increase in the meals and hotel tax have on a small town’s budget? The answer is not much. More nonsense from Deval.

Now a real example of the Governor’s out-of-touch, oh-woe-is-me act.

The referenced article contains the following quote:

“I respect the question coming from local officials, but it’s about time, I think, local officials tell me what they’re doing,” Patrick, a Democrat, said in exasperation.

Well guess what? We invited the Governor to visit with the Swampscott School Committee. He passed. We also asked Secretary of Education Paul Reville to visit and even offered Reville a private meeting with the Superintendent and myself. No interest. The purpose behind both invites was rather simple. We felt (and still do) that out chapter 70 school aid was inappropriately low. We also had issues related to SPED and transportation. We wanted to have a discussion! Instead the answer was no interest.

The Selectman from Uxbridge is correct. The Governor is a thin skinned light weight. If he thinks the blame game and the “feel sorry for me act” will get him reelected, guess again.                                          

If jobs and kids education were not the issue there actually might be something humorous about his WTKK antics. Unfortunately all this is for real and lying is unacceptable.

The fact is Governor Patrick dislikes and has disdain for local officials. Call the local officials in Gloucester for a second opinion.

Is it November 2010 yet?

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