Open letter to stop the madness

Dear Republicans,

Things are getting out of hand. At first I found it amusing and interesting, now it is just getting out of hand.

I am sad to say, this is worse than I ahve seen it in any previous cycle.  

I have had Ward and Town Committee Chairs and members calling me worried sick about being challenged by the Credentials Committee or on the floor because some of their members are strongly for or against one of the candidates.  The threats they are receiving from members of the camps and sides are NOT making me proud to be a Republican.

The Members are asking me questions like, “Can we pledge to abstain or vote present to ensure we don’t get kicked out from being delegates.”  They are so worried that they are looking to give up their ability to make the choice based on their own belief system. This saddens me greatly.  

The amount of fear expressed on all sides is unsettling to me. And it must stop.

We are a Party. For good or for ill. When our members are afraid of Roberts Rules or Parliamentary procedure prohibiting people to just be delegates, it has gone to far.

Delegates, I will remind everyone, pay for the convention. The more we have, the stronger the Party is and generally the better the convention is as a whole. The more delegates we have, the more names, addresses phone numbers and EMAIL ADDRESSES we have of people, and the more we can connect with them and engage them to be an active contributing member of the Republican Party.  

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