Obama’s Tipping Point

(The tipping point has definitely been reached.  Obama slightly recovered in the polls for a while. His handling of the Barack Petroleum oil leak may just sink his presidency.

Paul Ferro talked about the tipping point a while back.  Here is his post. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Over the last several months, there has been a steady decline in the job approval ratings for President Barack Obama.  For months now, he has hovered around 50% approval in opinion polls of “all adults” or “all voters.”

However, polls of “likely voters” have consistently shown higher disapproval ratings for the President, an ominous sign for the Democratic Party and him as we approach the 2010 mid-term elections.

Rasmussen, a highly respected pollster, which Democratic political consultant Nate Silver has rated as one of the most accurate pollsters in America, performs a high-sample size (3,000 person), daily, “Likely Voter” Presidential Approval poll, with a three-day running average.

Furthermore, Rasmussen doesn’t just list the bare “Approve/Disapprove” numbers like many pollsters, but further measures voter intensity by quantifying voters by “Strongly Approve”- “Approve” -“Disapprove” and finally “Strongly Disapprove”

In todays Rasmussen Poll, the President reached his tipping point.  According to the Rasmussen poll, more Americans (46%) “Strongly Disapprove” of Barack Obamas performance as President than the total number (44%) who “Approve” of his performances.

Overall, 56% of Americans “Disapprove” of his job performance than  “Approve” 44%, a twelve point gap.

Is this Baracks Tipping Point?  A flurry of Democratic House retirements, and now a Congressman taking the step of switching parties leads this commentator to believe that many Democrats on the Capital Hill think it is.

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  • While understanding that he took over when things were a supreme mess, it is really unbelivable how far off course (his stated course) he has gone.

    If he wanted to be a populist and not suck up to Wall Street types, he might have made some points from our side too. Now both sides hate the handouts to fat cats.

    If he has pulled out the troops (some or all, either war), he would have gotten points from both sides. Instead both sides think he’s going in the wrong direction and/or isn’t going to be able to win this.

    If ths econony was the big problem, why did health care have to be priority one? And these particular bills are what are so necessary to pass right away? Agsin, no points from either side.

    He hasn’t gone right (of course) hasn’t gone left (enough for that crowd) but weirdly enough hasn’t been centerist either. He’s just gone wrong. For having supposedly political geniuses around him, it sure hasn’t been smart.

  • Nice article on the what he said/what he did

    Obama does what he ripped McCain & Clinton for

  • The One’s strongly disapprove rating is now higher than that of George W. Bush in 2008.


  • nomad943

    While this may be the straw that broke the camel(Obamas) back and while we may have some fun noting that point; what we need to be asking ourselves is what would a president Romney (or some such)have done diffently in “handling” this disaster.

    My guess … absolutly nothing.

    There is nothing that these guys can do other than smile for the camera and make speaches, and thats something we need to be thinking about.

    I keep hearing people talk about a revival in nuclear power …. no flipping way.

    If this episode hasnt shown yus something than nothing will. Corporate America can not be trusted when it comes to the safety of anything and government is too corrupt to step in to save themselves.

    Until these items are fixed there is no way that any corporation should be building bombs in peoples back yards ..

  • It seems a big reason Romney got “applause from both sides of the isle” is that Democrats were willing to admit when he did good things. I can’t say the same about Republicans. It seems like no matter what Obama does, it’s wrong.