ObamaCare-Opting Out

My daughter is 30 weeks along in her pregnancy.  A misunderstanding with the doctor’s office now has her switching doctors.  The reason?

Missed appointments=Substance abuse test.

Yes, let me clarify that.

Missed appointments prompted the doctor to ask for a drug test.  And this was just the latest of several incidents in the continuing saga of compassion the medical field has shown toward my daughter.

My daughter is very rightous, totally country even opting out of Comcast for Direct TV because they have the RFD TV channel.  Excellent horse training instruction on RFD.  Anyway drugs are the farthest thing away from the character of my daughter such that it’s an insult to ask, a permanent blot on her unerasable now digital medical record.

Ah, excuse me?  You thought your new digital medical record was “private” because HIPPA told you so?  That is more like backing up your kiddie porn using an online backup service!


Whatever, just call me a cynical old man.

I can also recall the other three instances of medical trama inducing incidences.  One was being asked, prompted for a “recommended” AIDS test.  Another was the doctor’s refusal to clarify the results of an MS test.  Her husband was furious when the doctor would not talk to him citing HIPPA “privacy”.

Some of this is understandable given today’s cesspool society.  OK, they could be in a divorce type case or, well, just admit the prevalence of substance abuse for this age group gives rise for concern.  Herein lies an assumption, an attempt at an undefined assertion of “rights”, that “right” to not being accused of something as a routine policy statement.

And last but not least that epic battle to educate these young minds about the dangers of the swine vaccine.  Spent days on that one plowing through one CT site after another,youtubes of doctors and ex-pharma people illustrating inferior test protocols.

The definitive solution comes down to media credibility.  Who do I trust?

A media which gives me Lady GaGa, Tiger and his Woodie or……..

Catherine Austin Fitts escapee from the Bush administration talking about the globalist’s world de-population efforts.

It’s a no brainer!

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