November Votes on Beacon Hill

There were some important votes taken on Beacon Hill at the end of the session.  I am including a link to the Lowell Sun’s run down of the votes:…

In particular, those running for office may take note of:

1. The House Democrats killed any prospect for rolling the sales tax to 5 percent by sending the measure to a study.  The vote was 103-51 so there was a lot of dissention in the Dem ranks.

2. The House Dems voted to send a measure to repeal the sales tax on liquor to a study effectively killing it.  The vote was 99-54.

3. the House delayed a cut of 1 percent in salaries of state workers.

4. Votes on charter schools in the senate.

If anyone from the state committee is reading this, it would be really helpful to the candidates if a regular e-mail with issues updates could be sent out from HQ or the GOP caucuses so that our candidates could be more facile in discussing the issues.  

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