No Such Words “Enemy Combatant”

No Such Words “Enemy Combatant”

President Obama has taken the word “Enemy Combatant” out of our national vocabulary. I guess that term is too mean and hateful. I am a Marine Corps veteran so this post may be a bit strong to our liberal friends who want to declare the war on terrorism over. Charles Krauthamer on Fox News said, “What kind of signal does this send Al-Qaeda, A President who can not even say Enemy Combatant. Has no clue how to fight them.”. If someone attacks the United States of America and then attempts to blow up a plane and kill 300 people on it. You do not make this Enemy Comfortable and let them lawyer up and stand trial in a civilian court. This s o b should be beat until we find out who he is working for and everything about his organization then Shot on the tarmac.  I am a Marine Corps veteran so I may be a bit blunt. One thing I know is in war the side that is more interested in the feelings of the enemy then winning the war is the side that loses. I do not care about this enemy all I want to know about them is How to Kill them and rid the earth of this cancer to humanity.  A farmer will tell you that, when a fox gets in the chicken house and kills his chickens it is more effective to kill the fox then build a better fence. The only thing that saved the people of that airliner was God. The Government failed; Thank God the IED did not detonate correctly. I want Al-Qaeda to know there fight is not just with the American Government, it is also with the American People and they will be destroyed. General Patton had it right for the proper attitude to have during a war. Its not politically correct but we will wipe them out if we keep this attitude.

“When we land against the enemy, don’t forget to hit him and hit him hard. When we meet the enemy we will kill him. We will show him no mercy. He has killed thousands of your comrades and he must die. If your company officers in leading your men against the enemy find him shooting at you and when you get within two hundred yards of him he wishes to surrender – oh no! That bastard will die! You will kill him. Stick him between the third and fourth ribs. You will tell your men that. They must have the killer instinct. Tell them to stick him. Stick him in the liver. We will get the name of killers and killers are immortal. When word reaches him that he is being faced by a killer battalion he will fight less. We must build up that name as killers”.

– George S. Patton

God Bless America


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