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  •  I’m sure you’re way too busy to notice this, but: there is this special US Senate election coming up. Our mutual friend Scott Brown is running in it. Maybe we cold focus on him for the next few weeks. I know all about how people can donate to the max right now, and you’re gonna wanna hit us up for more fresh cash next week. Do you know that everybody and their sister are holding fundraisers this week. It is not just all about you.

    Don’t worry about Christy Mihos. He’s not going anywhere. He’s ust letting Scott Brown have the limelight for now. I wish you and your supporters would too.  

  • cfblake2

    Give it a Rest Team Baker. Scott Brown needs our support now. Jan is alot closer then November 2010. The Baker Tisei camp are scared as hell. Christy Mihos will Beat you soon enough Charlie RINO.

  • politicalmadman

    My issue with this is the sign behind him.

    I thought they were seperate races, Gov. and Lt Gov. ??

    Hmmm, what if Tisei loses, those signs……..what a slap in the face and a waste of money. It could have gone to Scott Brown.

    The real shame is Scott probably doesn;t even realize he is being hung out to dry by these folks. Like a sacrificail lamb he was led to slaughter.

    And people around the country wonder why our party here is..well..you know…so strong !!