Mr. Mihos requires some quality control.

I hope you will forgive the correction – as I offer it with respect – but as a former school teacher I do believe that candidates should set an example.  This fundraising letter, printed below, is for a Mr. Mihos event this week and was not indicative of a professional campaign.  The spelling mistakes are simply not appropriate.  Why would a candidate for the highest office in the state allow a letter to be forwarded when it contains egregious errors of English and basic syntac?  “Rivotting” is not a word, the last time I consulted Webster’s.  Also, I don’t remember the last occasion I was invited to a political event and told that the guest of honor – in this case Mr. Dick Morris from the Bill Clinton era – MIGHT be there.  The manner in which the letter phrased it, is that there is a “great likelihood” Mr. Morris will attend.  I simply don’t understand that.  Should I send my check just in case I get to meet the famous person who MIGHT drop by?

I know that I’ll be savaged for this posting as I’ve been reading the highly aggressive tone of the letters scribed by Mr. Mihos’ very passionate supporters.  So be it.  I’ve learned that when women correct a male dominated operation, that group will always attack the woman personally.  But a campaign should represent excellence and nothing less; and the professional response would be for Mr. Mihos to improve the quality control operation at his campaign headquarters.

Here’s the text of the letter.  Happy Holidays.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

   With the recent ongoing considerations of healthcare reform, one of the valuable lessons that should be abundantly clear to us, as physicians, is that we each must have a heightened awareness and an increased degree of participation in the creation of medical policy for our own sake and that of our patients.

   I have known Christy Mihos for many years and have served together with him on the Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts.  During that time he has greatly impressed me with his concerns for the education of our children, the jobs of our citizens, the success of the business community, fairness to the tax payers and with his deep love as a native son for the richness of traditions and the uniqueness of Massachusetts.  

   On Wednesday December 9th, my wife Anne and I are hosting a reception for Christy at our home at 40 Jason Street Arlington MA.  There is also a great likelihood that Dick Morris, noted author and political commentator, will be joining us.  Their discussions will be rivotting!  I hope that you will plan to join us that evening as it promises to be a very special event.

   Please see the invitation that follows and visit the web site at  Please RSVP to this invitation. Your generous support is requested and greatly appreciated.


Michael T. Foley, MD

Chairman, Christy 2010 Campaign

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