More Democrats to Switch Sides?

According to Politico, Democrat Congressman Chris Carney is being courted by the Republican Party to switch sides.  Politico also broke the story when Parker Griffith switched to the GOP on Tuesday.

Chris Carney represents Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional district.  He was first elected in 2006 when he defeated incumbent Republican Don Sherwood by a 53% to 47% margin.  During the Democrat landslide year, Sherwood was also plagued with scandal, including an extramarital affair with a woman half his age.  In 2006, Carney won reelection by a 56% to 44% margin over Republican Chris Hackett.  Prior to 2007, this district had been held in Republican control since 1961.

Carney is a member of the “Blue Dog” coalition of fiscally responsible Democrats.  He is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, supports 2nd amendment rights, and has proposed reducing the death tax.  Carney also has a record of support President Bush on most national security measures.  He was one of only ten Democrats to vote against ending the war in Iraq and has consistently opposed a time-line for withdrawal.

Charlie Cook’s Partisan Voting Index tracks the voting history of congressional districts and states.  The PA 10th district has a PVI of R+8, and exact match for the state of South Carloina.  It is the 129th most Republican district.  In 2008, John McCain defeated Barack Obama by a 54% to 45% margin.


This is one of 49 congressional districts hald by Democrats that John McCain won.  They are:

Bright (AL-2); Griffith (AL-5); Berry (AR-1); Snyder (AR-2); Ross (AR-4); Kirkpatrick (AZ-1); Mitchell (AZ-5); Giffords (AZ-8)*; Markey (CO-4); Salazar (CO-3); Boyd (FL-2); Marshall (GA-8); Minnick (ID-1); Ellsworth (IN-8); Hill (IN-9); Moore (KS-3); Chandler (KY-6); Melancon (LA-3); Kratovil (MD-1); Peterson (MN-07); Childers (MS-1); Taylor (MS-4); Skelton (MO-4); Pomeroy (ND-AL); Teague (NM-2); McMahon (NY-13); Massa (NY-29); Etheridge (NC-2); McIntyre (NC-7); Shuler (NC-11); Wilson (OH-6); Boccieri (OH-16); Space (OH-18); Boren (OK-2); Dahlkemper (PA-3); Altmire (PA-4); Carney (PA-10); Murtha (PA-12); Spratt (SC-5); Hersheth-Sandlin (SD-AL); Davis (TN-4); Gordon (TN-6); Tanner (TN-8); Periello (VA-5); Boucher (VA-9); Mollohan (WV-1); Rahall (WV-3); Edwards (TX-17) and Matheson (UT-2).

Parker Griffith has already switched to the GOP.

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