Mihos shows a new sense of calm.

I’m very glad to see that Christy has come out for Scott Brown.  It’s great to see the ability of a very rich and successful person to rise above petty differences and do the right thing.  We’ve heard so much about Christy’s temperament, and this move proves that maybe he really is able to work with people and look at the bigger picture.  As the former Independent candidate for governor, it’s great that Christy has endorsed Scott for US Senate.

On another note, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what happened to the big fundraiser for Christy at the home of well known surgeon Mike Foley in Arlington.  I was emailed to attend on Wednesday, but there was no event, and no Dick Morris, as the email I received had promoted??  Was the cancellation weather related.

Also, if you go to the OCPF web page, it show’s that Christy’s campaign account has a balance of $21,756.42.  That’s not exactly enough money for a state wide campaign.  But what’s really intriguing is that I can’t find any expenditures to Dick Morris or the campaign manager Joe Manzoli from any of the recent reports.  I’m on line now looking at expenditures for the period of 11-16 through 11-30 and reports prior to that, and yet no payments have  been made to the major staff players we read about in the papers all the time.

The reason I think this is noteworthy, is it shows a real spirit of volunteerism in the campaign, and I think that this will serve Christy well.  They should be complimented for their committment to volunteerism.

Thank you and let’s all remember to do something charitable this Season.  Toys for Tots is really in need of help this year.  For more info, please go to toysfortots.org.  My son is in the marines, a local recruiter, and he says the recession has made donations go down.  Let’s all try to help out.  thank you, and Merry Christmas.

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