Mihos inconsistencies. Home assessed at $6.7 million but phone disconnected.

There is an interesting side bar to today’s Herald story on the Mihos bank account being near empty and his phone being disconnected.

Mihos, who ran a very aggressive campaign against our party nominee in 2006, owns a very expensive “West Yarmouth” mansion – he says West Yarmouth when in point of fact there is no West Yarmouth (town of) in the Commonwealth.  There is a Yarmouth and that is Christy’s opulent residence.

His mansion, which was liened by the IRS once that we know of, has a value of $6.7 million – according to the TOWN OF YARMOUTH, available on line.

Here’s the link –


So, our conclusion is that there is something bizarre here.  First, please tell Christy he does not live in West Yarmouth.  There is no such municipality.  Second, why would someone be unable to pay their phone bill – see today’s Hillary Chabot HERALD article – when they live in a McMansion?  

Whose the elitist here?  

Charlie Baker, whose phone bills are payed and who is never in trouble with the IRS because he obeys the law like the rest of us – or former Independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, who gets in deep trouble with the IRS and has to pay more than 20k in penalties.

Baker has a home valued at $958,700.  Here’s the link –


That’s about one seventh the value of Christy’s Cape Cod Mansion.  Christy lives in luxury far beyond what most of us can ever imagine – and still doesn’t pay his taxes on time – as we saw with his boat docked in Rhode Island and the IRS scandal.

How much longer does this bad play continue?

Christy, if you really care about the GOP – we saw in 2006 exactly how much you really care – please stop embarrassing yourself and us.  It’s time to drop out and do something productive with your life.

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