Mihos’ exact words – “was just about there” – ready to run for senate.

Mihos told the Globe he “was just about there” in finalizing HIS decision to run for senate.  Here’s the link to the article…


But then the next morning, a Joe Mobzolli (I admit I can never get the guy’s name right, he’s just such an unknown quantity) said on this web page that Mihos was still running for governor.

To respond to some confusion mentioned on this Internet page in the last few days, Christy personally told the press he “was just about there” when it came to jumping in the race for senate.

Changing his mind so quickly is the type of erratic behavior which is Christy Mihos.  One minute he’s a die hard Republican, the next minute he runs against the Republican nominee for governor, and now he’s a Republican again, asking for our support and telling us, through Dick Morris, that he’s prepared to spend FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS on the campaign.

And, there is growing information from a Christy staffer that Christy is threatening to run as an INDEPENDENT AGAIN if the convention does not provide him with the required fifteen percent.

File under very unstable, angry, old man.

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  • The fact is that HE DIDN’T RUN FOR SENATE.  You think Baker didn’t entertain the notion of running for Senate?  Everyone did.  I did.  Paul Ferro probably did after people demanded it.  I’m guessing you did too.  And why not?  It was an opportunity that presented itself.

  • It’s good that Baker doesn’t make erratic decisions.  He resolutely saddled us with a bitter pill of an LG pick.  Awesome.

  •  Good joke!

    The Boston Globe, liberal rag that it is, bought Kevin Sowyrda’s spiel hook, line, and sinker. I guess you had someone democratic read it to you, knowing your illiteracy issue. Have someone read BMG to you, its well documented that I scooped them.

    Christy and I talked about it a few days later. He was tempted, but realized the GOP just wanted him to self-finance the campaign and save them money.

    Christy is only spending $8-10 million of his money. i know, you can’t read either.

    Regarding your last statement: PROVE IT! If you can’t back it up, its worthless, like you.

  • cfblake2

    I see your still posting your anti-Christy Mihos Garbage. Example of one of your post “Blah Blah Blah Christy not good Blah Blah.

    Really its getting boring and old. Like I said before you should be backing the person who is the real Republican in this race and the real reformer. Stop wasting your time making yourself look bad by backing either Deval or Baker ?