Mihos considering a MAJOR DEMOCRAT for his running mate???????

It’s the worst kept secret in town.

At a recent GOP gathering, rather small in attendance, former Independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, whose campaign consultant has said that Mihos will spend 15 million dollars in his bid for the corner office, seemed to be testing opinion on a running mate – via his campaign manager.

Joe Mugzolly (not sure of spelling), Mihos’ campaign manager who really likes to talk, was overheard saying that Mihos would be open to picking a well known DEMOCRAT as his running mate so as to help bring in more support in a GENERAL ELECTION.

Last time Christy ran for governor he did so as an INDEPENDENT and spent millions in TV ads attacking the GOP nominee.  In that race, where Christy spent six million dollars for six percent of the vote, his running mate was the obscure town moderate from Winchester.

As Baker has already picked a running mate, who can add to that campaign’s growing treasury, Mihos has no running mate as of yet – and on a recent radio interview said he would not pick a running mate because he wants “the people to decide.”

Meanwhile, still no word on where Dick Morris has gone.  The new Mihos web page makes no mention of him whatsoever, even though the old Mihos web page had Dick right at the center of the page – in a big picture.  State campaign finance reports show no recent expenditures paid by the campaign to Morris.  Has Morris left?  And if not, why would he be working for free?  Morris sure didn’t work for free when he was the right hand man to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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