Message to the RNC: S.O.S. . . . – – – . . .

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The US Senate seat once held by Democrat Edward Kennedy for nearly a half century is open due to his death and a beatable but horrific leftist candidate for the Democrats is poised to defeat a bright, capable and quite electable state senator Scott Brown.

For those of you who have ever played the board game Risk, you must understand that attacking a well established and powerful force even with an inferior one is necessary if for no other reason than to deplete its unfettered ability to spread its cancer to other areas once it has decided to take the offensive.

For those of you who believe in the great intangible called momentum, think of the bell weather election this will be if Republican Scott Brown closely competes in the leftist commune called Massachusetts. What if he can win?

Can anyone imagine the scrambling and chaos within the Democratic ranks as they prepare for November of 2010 just ten months away from this outcome in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts?

21 Days. Three weeks. We either send the 41st vote to block Obama, Reid and Pelosi or we send the dreaded 60th vote to the senate to seal our fate and give these radicals three years more to destroy our future as a nation of free people.


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  • You have to figure that Brown is behind in the RNC internal polling. They can’t afford to loose their first 2010 race. The media and the Democrat spin machine would pound away all year how the tide isn’t turning.

    Headline: RNC looses it’s first 2010 test

  • The correct headline should read:  “GOP Unlooses Its First 2010 Test” (by the election of our newest US Senator, Scott Brown)

  • Even if Brown got into the low 40’s that would be a huge boost for the national GOP.  Look at all the attention that the Ogonowski race got nationally after the results come in.  Unfortunately, it looks like that is when the national GOP is going to focus its attention on this race–sometime after Jan 19.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    wrote one letter to the editor of their local paper we could sway a huge number of votes.  A singular message spread across every opinion page in every paper works wonders.

    Emphasize these 3 simple points:

    1. Democrats have run everything in Massachusetts and nationally for over a year and there are no tangible positive results.  If the Dems can’t make positive gains when they run every branch of government then when can they make positive gains?

    2. This is no longer about the debt burden for our children.  The Dems are spending money that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pay back.  Every additional dollar spent by the federal government either weakens the existing dollars or clings to the backs our of future generations.

    3. Martha Coakley has promised a ‘new kind of leadership’.  We heard that from Deval Patrick and Barack Obama and they have both failed.  We want real promises and real answers.  No more empty rhetoric about hope and dreams.

  • In NH of course 🙂



    looks like the herald's Hillary Chabot  has the same opinion on how the national orgs are looking at Brown.


     Herarld Frontpage 12-29-2009


  • I understand that Scott Brown was & is prepared to soldier on independently of the national GOP committee support but I emailed this letter to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, with a similar message going to the Republican National Committee.

    Dear National Republican Senatorial Committee,

       According to an article in today’s edition of the Boston Herald by Hillary Chabot titled “GOP lets Scott Brown fend for himself: Local Republicans outraged committee not giving more in Senate battle” it appears that the NRSC and other national Republican organizations are providing relatively little financial and other campaign resources to support the candidacy of State Senator Scott Brown in the special election to fill the seat held for 47-years by Sen. Edward Kennedy and temporarily filled by Sen. Paul Kirk.

       I understand that NRSC spokesman Colin Reed does not want to unveil any details of spending or the so-called “battle plans.”  The newspaper reports that telephone systems, voter lists and $50,000 were given by the NRSC to the Brown campaign.  I thank you for that but I would greatly appreciate a more comprehensive explanation of NRSC support for Scott Brown.  I especially would like to be informed as to why has not been done at the national level to help assist Scott Brown in this special election.  

       After all, according to the Boston Herald the resources given to Scott Brown are “barely a blip when compared to the intense GOP involvement in the unsuccessful but vigorous Romney and Weld Senate bids.”  In 1994, the NRSC and other national GOP committees “boosted Romney’s campaign coffers by $540,000 – the legal limit – in so-called coordinated spending”.  Similarly, in 1996, national GOP committees held several fundraisers for then Gov. Bill Weld and his candidacy for US Senate.

       Finally, while it appears – or is at least reported – that State Senator Scott Brown is receiving little more than the minimum amount of token support form national GOP committees the national Democrats are virtually pulling out all the stops:

    “Meanwhile, their Democratic counterparts have swung into action, appointing Sen. John F. Kerry as the chairman of a coordinating committee to funnel national donations to Coakley, the attorney general. The committee has recently attracted top fund-raiser Jon Patsavos, but a Coakley spokesman would not say how much the organizations have helped raise.”

       There are only 21 days left until the special election on Tuesday, January 19.  I hope and pray that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican National Committee, and other national Republican committees will see the light and decide to commit many more much welcomed resources into the campaign of Scott Brown for US Senate.    

       As you can imagine, reports of one of Massachusetts’s brightest rising stars being left to fend for himself by the national GOP is a tremendous blow to MassGOP activist morale and party building activity. I understand in which state I live and choose to be politically active but should Massachusetts Republicans even consider donating to the NRSC if our candidates are not going to be vigorously supported when golden opportunities arise to take a seat back from the Democrats?    

       Thank you for your time and consideration of this email and I would greatly appreciate a timely reply.


    Brock N. Cordeiro

    Massachusetts Republican State Committeeman

           Second Bristol & Plymouth District

           (New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Acushnet & Mattapoisett)

    MassGOP Chairman of Region 5

    PS – For your reference here is a link to the aforementioned news story: GOP lets Scott Brown fend for himself: Local Republicans outraged committee not giving more in Senate battle

  • After the November 09 elections, the Dems can’t afford to lose this seat. They will do a poll to see where Coakley stands, and if her lead is anything under, say, 12% they will spend TONS of money to ensure her victory…

  • The RNC and NRSC are saving their resources for the rainy day they hope is coming in November 2010. The problem with that strategy is that there is a category 5 hurricane over Washington D.C. right now!

    Yes it’s MA. Yes it’s the longest of long shots. But, Scott Brown represents the 41st vote in the US Senate. Look at all the money the Party and “brand name” party figures devoted to the races in NY-20 and 23. That money was spent in an attempt to diminish Pelosi’s majority by 1 vote; this election means Harry Reid has a filibuster proof super majority or he doesn’t.

    According to Politico the final vote on health “reform” isn’t going to occur until late Jan or early Feb.. Electing Scott Brown means Harry Reid needs to start over to get back to 60 votes. It means the bill that emerges, if any, will actually improve the health care system for the average American. Giving up on this race is effectively conceding the nationalization of our health care system. MA is the ground on which this battle will be fought and fight we must.

    In making calls for Scott I was told “never heard of him” way too many times for comfort. These calls were being made to fellow Republicans. Romney and Baker have done what they can to raise money for Scott. Now is the time for the rest of the “Big Donors” to send checks.

  • I’ll quote this verbatim from a text message that I received earlier this evening via Scott Brown’s Twitter feed:

    ScottBrownMA: For the record, everything that I have asked #NRSC and #RNC to give me, they have done. #masen #tcot #41stVote (Let’s Roll)

  • The front page story was nothing more than a fundraising push by the Brown campaign. They are in dire need of $$$. They can’t even run just 1 TV commercial it’s that bad.