Message to the RNC: S.O.S. . . . – – – . . .

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The US Senate seat once held by Democrat Edward Kennedy for nearly a half century is open due to his death and a beatable but horrific leftist candidate for the Democrats is poised to defeat a bright, capable and quite electable state senator Scott Brown.

For those of you who have ever played the board game Risk, you must understand that attacking a well established and powerful force even with an inferior one is necessary if for no other reason than to deplete its unfettered ability to spread its cancer to other areas once it has decided to take the offensive.

For those of you who believe in the great intangible called momentum, think of the bell weather election this will be if Republican Scott Brown closely competes in the leftist commune called Massachusetts. What if he can win?

Can anyone imagine the scrambling and chaos within the Democratic ranks as they prepare for November of 2010 just ten months away from this outcome in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts?

21 Days. Three weeks. We either send the 41st vote to block Obama, Reid and Pelosi or we send the dreaded 60th vote to the senate to seal our fate and give these radicals three years more to destroy our future as a nation of free people.


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