Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation: Not Your Friend

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation recently issued a report entitled State Fiscal Crisis – No End in Sight.  It was highlighted on the MassGOP house blog The Capitol View.  The disastrous economic reality brought to us by Deval Patrick and the Democrats may be accurate, but the solutions supported by the MTF are almost always wrong.  To be clear: THE MTF WANTS TO RAISE YOUR TAXES!

The MTF is a tax group, but they are not an anti-tax group.  Earlier this year Michael Graham said “Calling Michael Widmer’s MTF a ‘taxpayer organization’ is like calling a pride of lions ‘gazelle rights advocates.'”  He is right.  The taxpayers real friends at Citizens for Limited Taxation have chronicled the MTF’s spotty history over the years.

  • Opposed the income tax rollback.
  • Proposed expanding the sales tax to cover clothing.
  • Opposed the creating of proposition 2 1/2
  • Proposed raising the current income tax rate back to 5.6%
  • Opposed the "Sales Tax Holiday."
  • Supported raising the gas tax by 25 cents per gallon.
  • Opposed repealing the pike tolls.


The MTF has consistently called for higher taxes on citizens for the purpose of more government spending.  Their press releases read like they were written by the Massachusetts Teachers Association or the Democratic Party directly.  

Earlier this year MTF President Michael Widmer even applauded the Massachusetts health care programs in a Boston Globe editorial calling the costs “a modest sum for this historic achievement.”  This program that was supposed to cut costs by 25% to 40%.  Instead, it has raised costs by over 70% since 2006.

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