Martha’s strategy: Run out the clock.

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It essentially comes down to what kind of race the establishment would like to see. Already the post-primary analysis centers on how Coakley will coast by virtue of her “discipline.” She needs only not to implode. With Democrats in the majority, one enough to attract the independents Scott Brown needs, the race is over say the spinners on the sidelines. There is no way Ted Kennedy’s seat is going Republican says Mike Capuano, who displayed none of the discipline by recklessly turning into a moonbat to curry favor.

As for the tax pledge, Coakley calls it a gimmick. She’s lining up to serve Harry Reid well.

Meanwhile, the fury of one of the furies, Joan Vennochi wants a coronation. To her the Coakley’s race is a done deal; it is now about affirmation of the male establishment of the first female U.S. Senator. And she wants the big boys to write checks.

This creaky old boy network needs more than a hip replacement. It needs an attitude adjustment.

This, and not the race, will be the narrative. How far the political culture in MA changes, how women will have a say in the musical chairs of succession and how much they will leave their mark on policy. To them Scott Brown is a slight bump in the road. It’s time to prove them wrong. Strike up the theme to Rocky!

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