Martha’s Definition of Negative Campaigning??

This is an excerpt from Martha’s latest fundraising email blast today:

“My Republican opponent has adopted a strategy of attacks and name-calling, and I need your help to continue to share my positive message with voters across Massachusetts throughout January.”

What attacks and name-calling by Brown?  What positive message by Martha?  Is the reason that no one has heard from Martha that she got confused and she’s actually running in some other state?  I haven’t heard Brown talk about anything other than the issues and policy differences.  Is Martha so entitled to this seat that such discourse now counts as attacks??

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  • Was “Martha Coakley.”

    So, yeah, I can see how somebody would be offended by that.  I certainly view that as negative.

  • Apparently Martha’s campaign thinks truth is offensive.  

    All Brown has done over and over is reiterate Martha’s previously stated positions….she supports the current health care bill….she is being sponsored by Emily’s list…She thinks cap and trade is a great idea, and when Reid says “Shit”…she’ll respond “How much, and where do you want it?”

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