Margery Eagan’s Worst Nightmare: Ascending GOP women

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It’s rather pathetic to hear the often shrill Madge berate Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. But her ongoing fit of jealousy is only going to get worse. The onslaught is about to begin reports A.C. Kleinheider of the Nashville-based City Paper.

Whether it’s state Sen. Mae Beavers on the Tennessee Firearm Freedom Act, Rep. Susan Lynn spearheading the effort for a state sovereignty resolution or Rep. Marsha Blackburn taking on Al Gore in congressional hearings, the more confrontational political work is increasingly being left to women. These days, if you’re talking about an unapologetic, unequivocating public conservative, there’s a good chance you’re talking about a woman.

Margery’s pain is our gain. Get used to it Madge.

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