Lowell Sun endorses Scott Brown, No Dem!

Yesterday’s Lowell Sun endorsed Republican Scott Brown for United States Senate in the Republican Primary.  In a shocker they refused to endorse any of the four Democrats!  Their editors did not hold much back and in my opinion are foreshadowing a Scott Brown general election endorsement.

Brown’s argument that Massachusetts could use a U.S. senator who will focus on the state’s needs is a point well-taken. While Democrats tend to focus on spending our way out of the national recession, Brown will push to reduce taxes and cut waste. He is against the cap-and-trade climate change legislation, same-sex marriage and a single-payer health system. He has agreed to serving a maximum of two full terms, plus the remainder of the current term, which means he won’t become an entrenched politician beholden to special-interest groups.

Frankly, we have found the Democratic primary campaign to be rather uninspiring. The candidates have failed to truly reveal themselves to voters. Instead the four candidates — Attorney General Martha Coakley, U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano, multimillionaire businessman Steve Pagliuca and City Year cofounder Alan Khazei — have worked to “out liberal” each other in hopes of attracting the traditional primary voters….

The Sun endorses Scott Brown in the Republican primary, but cannot offer support to any of the four Democratic candidates.

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