Key Baker Advisor busted for plagerism scandal in college!

Everyone has heard about Ted Kennedy getting busted for cheating on his spanish exam at Harvard back in the 1950s, but in a modern twist of events, MassGOP State Committeeman Matt Sisk was busted for plagerism when attending college.  Sisk faced these allegations when the local Braintree Press and his opponent in his run for Braintree City Council exposed Sisk’s scandal.  Sisk, who also failed in his run for State Representative out of the 5th Norfolk District in 2004, was defeated decisively once his ethics problems became public.  Sisk currently serves as an Advanceman for the Baker for Governor Campaign.

Editor’s Note: Sisk Does not currently work for the Baker Campaign in any capacity.

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    a friend wrote a paper and attributed a quote to me, even though I had never uttered the words.  He claimed I said it in my book, which he fabricated (I never wrote a book).  Of course, the Professor had no way of knowing the book was imaginary and therefore couldn’t do anything to him.

    As for Sisk, I don’t think I could call this a scandal as much as a ‘much-to-do-about-nothing’.  After all, Barack Obama quoted Devoid Patrick verbatim about a dozen times during the campaign for POTUS.

  • So as an editor noted – Sisk doesn’t work for the Baker Committee.  So the scandal is – a Baker supporter who is not being paid by the campaign – cheated on a test in college?  And because a volunteer of the Baker campaign did this – ‘republicanus’ thinks that Charlie Baker is not fit to be Governor… hrmm…

    Is there any substance left?

  • As an editor already corrected you that Matt Sisk is not on the Baker campaign payroll, let me make a few more public corrections for the person who joined RMG this past Sunday.

    Matt Sisk never ran for Braintree City Council.  Sisk did run for State Representative.  That said, Sisk’s defeat was hardly “defeated decisively” as he lost something like 48% to 52%.

    Here is quote from the Patriot Ledger back in May 2003:

    Driscoll ekes out election win; GOP’s Sisk garners 48% of the vote in Democratic district

    The Patriot Ledger Quincy, MA | May 14, 2003| Jeffrey White; JEFFREY WHITE

    Braintree Selectman Joseph Driscoll fended off a strong showing by Republican Matt Sisk to win the state representative seat for Braintree and parts of Randolph and Holbrook.

    The 32-year-old Democrat took the race with 52 percent of the vote, 5,997 to 5,568, in yesterday’s special election in the 5th Norfolk District.

    I understand that partisans on both sides have been creating newbie accounts to engage in character assassination but at least get the facts straight.  It’s one thing to make statements based in facts & built upon the truth but mindless partisan mudslinging during an intra-party primary is abysmal.

  • certainly assault and battery on the English language.  Read a few lines of this polemical from Mr. Sisk:

    Some less than choice lines:

    It’s come to my attention that Christy Mihos is spreading some pretty vicious misinformation about Charlie Baker and attempting to distort Charlie’s record.  

    It would have been absurd and beyond unprofessional for Charlie to request that contributions only be made to conservative groups because that’s his personal preference.

    At the time of some of these donations, the foundation was focusing on AIDS prevention and education efforts, which is work the charities were doing.  

    His vendetta against Kerry Healey helped get Deval Patrick elected and he even said he would vote for Deval if he couldn’t vote for himself.  

    I want to know if this is the kind of campaign we can expect from Christy?  A year-long burn campaign that isn’t about the issues but nasty personal attacks?

    Repeat after me:

    Subject … verb … object

    Subject … verb … object


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I knew Republicanus would open a can of worms by revealing that there is a ‘known academic cheaters’ list.  I have attained a portion of that list from my confidential sources.  See below:

    **************Top Secret***************

    **************Academic Cheaters List*************

    BNCordiero – 2nd grade, Mrs Smudgewinkle’s Art class – BNCordeiro copied the paint colors used by Sophie Bushmill’s painting of a clown.

    EaBo Clipper – 6th grade, Mr Santopasquale’s gym class – EaBo said he did 25 pushups when it was observed that he only did 15 pushups.

    Vote3rdpartynow – 4th grade, Mrs Hanson homeroom – V3PN did not complete the SRA blue reading module before moving on to the red module.

    RepublicanRamRodRadio – 3rd grade, Mrs Nussbaum’s math class – RepublicanRamRodRadio added all the math problems from section 3 of the midyear exam by using his fingers and toes.

    OMG, we are all ruined.  Why did this have to come out……

  • I thought the idea was to grow the party? This discussion has all the makings of a food fight.  

  • In recent days, I have read posts here that assert that Mihos’ phone is shut off, that Jeff Perry was fired by the Sandwich Police Dept., and that Mihos had a lien placed on his house.

    All of these statemejnts are falsehoods – any effort to explain why they are incorrect are ignored, so they can be repeated later.

    Yet for Baker – the editor’s pen spins into action!

    NONE of the Nixon/Women/Change posts were edited no matter how egregious (except fo the one that had to be taken down entirely because Rob was scared for legal reasons) – but Baker gets immidiate consideration.

    Interesting to see just how co-opted a house organ RMG has become.

  • first, the attacks by Bakeroid Sock Puppets where against Mihos as a person, using information published in a major newspaper.  i.e. relevant to his candidacy.

    Second, going after a random SC member for something they did 10 years ago isn’t a knock on Baker, especially since Mr. Sisk isn’t a paid staffer.

    Finally, Sock Puppet Wars are Stupid, and a waste of everyone’s time.  knock it off.

  • Festus Garvey

    You folks never fail to amaze me at the level of meanness posters at around here can attain.  When I compare the BMG battles between Patrick/Rielly/Gaberili or the recent Senate primary, their battles truly amount to playing bean bag, compared to the nasty stuff written at RMG.  What were the “battles” among the Dem Senate primary race…Martha is “cold” or Cap is rude, or Martha once supported a narrow condition for the Death Penalty…petty yes, but nothing as vile as what Mihos/Baker supporters post around here.

    The Ogo/Beatty battles are a faded memory, but you folks really need to look at yourselves in a mirror and ask yourself whether the level of character assassination and slander represents your own personal moral compass.   Just last week gopwomen posted, and then wisely took down, a “Merry Christmas” post “defending” Mihos for not being drunk when he slipped on ice recently.  And now this stupid “guilt by association” attack on Baker that would be laughable, but in the age of other stupid assertions (like “death panels”) take on the appearance of truthiness, is dangerous to an open and fair public discourse.

  • cfblake2

    No to Baker and Crew….Whish the Rinos in the GOP would stop trying to cram them down our throats

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