Kevin Kuros for State Representative

Kevin Kuros is running for State Representative in the 8th Worcester district.  Current Representative Paul Kujawski is a long term incumbent with $1,962.01 cash on hand according to his 2008 year end report with the OCPF.

Kevin Kuros currently serves as the Chairman of the Uxbridge Board of Selectmen.  He and his wife Linda are active participants in their community through their involvement with the Uxbridge Baseball League, Uxbridge Youth Soccer League, and the Uxbridge Education Foundation.  Kevin Kuros has recently received some media attention for his battle with Deval Patrick over property taxes and local aid.  David Whelan covered the story here.  More information can be found on his campaign website

Democrat Paul Kujawski has been engulfed in scandal in recent years.  He has twice admitted to violating campaign finance laws and paid $16,782. He has been under investigation for extorting local businesses for money.  He has also been arrested on a DUI and exposed himself to a uniformed police officer.

The 8th Worcester district is one of the most Republican in the state consisting consisting of Douglas, Dudley, Webster, Oxford precinct 4 and Uxbridge precinct 3.  In 2008, Kevin Kuros challenged Paul Kujawski but fell short by a 53% to 47% margin.  Excluding Kujawski’s home town of Webster, Kuros won a majority of the district.  This is just one of the expected rematches from 2008.


Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:

Eight Worcester

Douglas: 2,235 to 1,962

Dudley: 2,363 to 2,522

Oxford: 3,058 to 3,234 1/4: 765 to 809

Uxbridge: 3,528 to 3,473 1/4: 882 to 868

Webster: 2,967 to 3,447

TOTAL: 9,212 to 9,608 (est.)

TOTAL: 48.9% to 51.1% (est.)

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:

Eight Worcester

Douglas: 1,290 + 267 to 1,210 + 62

Dudley: 1,330 + 300 to 1,723 + 57

Oxford: 1,780 + 451 to 2,326 + 77 1/4: 445 + 113 to 582 + 19

Uxbridge: 2,089 + 374 to 2,237 + 83 1/4: 522 + 94 to 559 + 21

Webster: 1,586 + 463 to 2,352 + 71

TOTAL: 5,173 + 1,237 to 6,426 + 230 (est.)

TOTAL: 39.6% + 9.5% to 49.2% + 1.8% (est.)

The Percentages here are only among the Obama and McCain votes and do not include the 3rd party candidates.  Oxford and Uxbridge numbers are estimated because I do not have precinct level data.

In 2008, McCain lost by 26% statewide, but only 2.2% in the Eighth Worcester district.  In 2006, Kerry Healy lost by 21% statewide, but only 9.6% in the district.  If the Mihos and Ross numbers are included, “conservative” leaning candidates lost to “liberal” candidates 16% statewide, but only 2.0% in the district.

I have recently started profiling some Republican candidates running for State Representative and State Senate here in Massachusetts.

Geoff Diehl State Representative, 7th Plymouth.

Patrick Foran State Representative, 1st Barnstable

Ryan Fattman State Representative, 18th Worcester

Brett Schetzsle State Representative, 6th Essex

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