Jamison Tomasek for State Senate

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Red Mass Group-

Let me start out by saying how much I enjoy reading this site. I am a consumer of blogs for the new world of information- the immediacy, multi-dimensional nature, and the ability for reader response makes them much more real than other sources.

This site also provides a venue for political enthusiasts such as us to have an open discussion of ideas, and in doing so create a foundation that can be used to capture the share of the electoral mindset (and hopefully, the electorate) that should belong to us here in MA.

That being said I want to formally introduce myself.

I am Jamison Tomasek, candidate for State Senator for the Second Essex & Middlesex, which is Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury.

I think my Web site says what I am about, and why I am running.  I am trying to utilize the concept of virtual community by asking you to give me feedback and I welcome your input on any aspects of it.


In general I want to reach out to the independents in the three towns and one city of my district by letting then know I am a real person like them, with the same sense that something needs to be done in our state. I have tried to create a Web site with a personal feel, and if this resonates then I will begin extending it to the rest of my campaign.

As part of an earlier career I spoke to many groups and people told me they appreciated my direct and unfiltered (“no BS”) style. Please let me know if you think this works.

You can respond here or send me an e-mail at tomasek2010@gmail.com

Respectfully yours,

Jamison Tomasek

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  • How do you feel about a potential bailout of the City of Lawrence by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth?

    Do you believe the suspended school super should still be drawing his salary?


    Do you believe the Mayor Elect should resign his position as State Rep?

    Thanks in advance.  

  • MerrimackMan

    Now I don’t have to write-in Jim Ogonowski to vote against Sue Tucker!

  • From todays Herald:

    Lawrence mayor eyes big cashout

    By Edward Mason

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Outgoing Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan and a top aide are looking to cash in nearly $130,000 in unused sick time and vacation days, even as the city begs Beacon Hill for a bailout.

    Sullivan, whose term ends Jan. 4, would get $53,058 in unused sick, vacation and personal days, according to documents obtained by the Herald.

    The story is at:


    Tell me how an elected official qualifies for sick time and vacation time. Now tell me where the state has been for years. This cesspool in the Merrimack Valley did not recently find itself in trouble. Ignoring problems never seems to make them go away.

    Since the generous taxpayers in the Commonwealth fund 70% of the budget in Lawrence I figure I have the right to insist that Mr. Sullivan gets $0 for his rather poor management of this community.  

  • I am not sure when buyback of unused sick time became the norm. I remember it was mostly school supertendants at one point, because when they retired after 20 years, they got paid for another year before actually retiring. Now it seems like almost all public employees have it. Shame on the people who signed the contracts, in truth it’s their fault.

    In Andover this year a citizen tried to put an article on the warrant at town meeting that would mandate a town vote on contracts with that provision. It didn’t make it to a vote due to procedural issues, but I bet it would have passed.

    Tewksbury just hired a new town manager and specifically did not include that provision.

    Lawrence’s problems are wide and deep. Most are structural, but the constant ineptitude/corruption/hiring& firing issues will undermine any attempts at improvement (the whole throwing good money after bad). I fault our state in general for not treating the small cities (all those besides Boston and Worcester)as having special issues that require targeted policies. Maybe tax incentives, maybe relief from mandates, maybe rules around what public sector employees can receive.

    We can’t just ignore them. The crime alone will eventually spill out to surrounding towns.