Is Scott Brown Going Viral (Part 2)?

Still another roundup of postings in support of Scott Brown from major bloggers and Tweeters.

NorsU is twittering away on the Brown campaign:  That guy has 2,386 followers on Twitter.  He’s tweeting every few minutes for Scott.  Does this guy even take bathroom breaks?  

Dana Loesch (The Dana Show and big time tea party activist)  “What Irony: Could Democrats Lose Kennedy’s Seat”  via St. Louis Tea Party activist:… and at  http://thedanashow.wordpress.c…  Let Freedom Ring!

Mitt Romney Central “Scott Brown Could be our 41st Vote in the Senate!”…  I’m signing up for their Facebook page.  I’m for Mitt.

Rhiel Word View: “Saving Scott Brown”…

Actuarian writes:  “We cancelled our New Year’s dinner expense and contributed to Brown instead. Let’s put the money where our mouth is and help our fellow citizens in Mass. establish a beachhead in the Rescue of 2010.  As for the RNC, I’m closing my wallet until they replace their current leadership.” http://legalinsurrection.blogs…  Right on!

If you see others, please post.  

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