I also have found the MIHOS PAGE TO BE DOWN

It is rather strange that the MIHOS page is down, because usually gubernatorial campaigns maintain very high end tech staff to prevent this sort of thing.  I too logged in to CHRISTY2010 and was brought to godaddy.com and then some ad links such as how much a 2010 Chevy Camaro costs.

I’m sure Christy’s web / campaign manager, Joe Manzoli, must be working on this problem.  They certainly need their web presence so that we can find out about all the events Christy has in the planning.  Christy ran against our nominee, Kerry Healey, in 2006, but is now running as Republican and Dick Morris, his campaign chief, has said Christy will spend double digit millions in the race, though his campaign balance is the lowest of all the candidates running for guv.

Also, I hear the campaign headquarters is finally opening, but I can’t be sure.  I’m sure people are looking forward to going to Christy’s campaign headquarters grandopening which I think is this week and I think it’s in Hopkington  – but check the web page on that.

Then again, you can’t check the web page on that.

But I think it’s somewhere in Hopkington, or something like that.

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