Hudak Home Suffers Fire, Smoke Damage

I just got this press release in my inbox and wanted to share it with my RMG. Congressional candidate Bill Hudak & his family suffered a Christmas-time tragedy as fire, smoke & water has ravaged his home. The house is expected to be uninhabitable for some time.

A couple of photos were included in the email but I am not able to post them here at this time.

My thoughts & prayers go to Bill & his family and I ask that you join with me as a good Republican friend has suffered a personal tragedy during a time that should be full of joy & celebration.

(Boxford, Massachusetts) – Sixth Congressional District candidate, Bill Hudak was forced out of his home today by an early morning fire that left the structure with extensive smoke and fire damage but spared his family from injury. Hudak and his wife, Angela, had hosted a campaign event at their home on Sunday night despite the region’s blizzard, and everything had appeared normal at that time. The couple’s daughter, Joanie, was also in the house at the time of the blaze. Their son, Trey, is home from school for the holidays but was not present.

Initial speculation had the fire caused by faulty Christmas lights but it now appears as if the blaze began from a long term structural aspect of the home that was close to a heating element. Fire damage was quite extensive, as was smoke and water damage. Whilst this can be fixed by a company like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, the house is expected to be uninhabitable for quite some time. The main family areas, as well as the adjacent dining room, are a total loss and the Hudak’s kitchen also appears to be unsalvageable. Additionally, the plumbing system also seems to have been severely damaged and a pipe inspection will need to be scheduled to address any issues relating to the water supply.

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“I want to thank the Boxford Fire Department for their quick response and their level of performance”, the Republican candidate said. “I know that we hear about first responders all of the time but I’m not sure that you can fully appreciate what they do until your family, your home and your possessions are directly on the receiving end of their services. They don’t question anything. They just go towards the danger and secure a dangerous situation”.

The Christmas season, unfortunately, sees more than its share of house fires. Many are caused by candles that are left unattended and faulty wiring in Christmas displays. The Fire Department originally had believed that the Hudak blaze had begun in a string of imported holiday lights but it was later discovered that a very old piece of wood, used in the home’s construction and placed close to a heating element, had dried over the decades since the Boxford house had been built and was ignited.

Still, Hudak believes that families should utilize special care at this time of the year. “We were lucky but many folks lose their homes in situations like this. The cause, in our case, was unforeseeable but, please, I advise everyone to take care this season and don’t leave candles and holiday lights unattended. My story has a happy ending thanks to the Boxford fire team. They’re great but you don’t want to have to have them show up at your house.”

Hudak is running against John Tierney in Massachusetts Sixth District. He has a legal practice in Saugus and has done quite a bit of consumer advocacy representation. In addition to his law practice, which has been based in the Bay State for over 25 years, Hudak is an entrepreneur and businessman who is a Past President and former Rotarian of the Year nominee with the Saugus Rotary Club.

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