How to Defeat Democrats

There has been a lot of discussion recently about how to best defeat the Democrats.  To find out, let’s take a look at the Republicans who have successfully done exactly that.  Since the 1990 wave, four Massachusetts Republicans have successfully defeated incumbent Democrats for State Representative:  George Peterson (1994),  Vinny DeMacedo (1998), Lew Evangelidis (2002), and Jeff Perry (2002).


If running to the left of your Democratic opponent was a model for victory, then where are all the liberal Republicans getting elected?  Every year since 1990 candidates trot out this tried an failed model only to lose yet again.  Each of the Republicans that have won has done so as a conservative.  So how do you win?  Do what they do.  Follow their lead.  Be a conservative that campaigns on kitchen table issues.


Bob Hedlund was elected to the Senate in 1990, lost in 1992, and defeated the same now incumbent Democrat in 1994.  I wasn’t sure if I should include him on this list or not, but he also fits this model.

Vinny DeMacedo:  In 1998, Vinny DeMacedo defeated incumbent Democrats Joseph Gallitano by just 189 votes.…

Lew Evangelidis:  In 2002, Lew Evangelidis defeated incumbent Democrat David Bunker by a margin of 10,646 to 7,854.  Earlier that year he also won a tight primary fight for the Republican nomination over Mark Ferguson by just 53 votes.  Having both a tough primary and conservative positions clearly did not hurt him.…


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