How to Defeat Democrats

There has been a lot of discussion recently about how to best defeat the Democrats.  To find out, let’s take a look at the Republicans who have successfully done exactly that.  Since the 1990 wave, four Massachusetts Republicans have successfully defeated incumbent Democrats for State Representative:  George Peterson (1994),  Vinny DeMacedo (1998), Lew Evangelidis (2002), and Jeff Perry (2002).


If running to the left of your Democratic opponent was a model for victory, then where are all the liberal Republicans getting elected?  Every year since 1990 candidates trot out this tried an failed model only to lose yet again.  Each of the Republicans that have won has done so as a conservative.  So how do you win?  Do what they do.  Follow their lead.  Be a conservative that campaigns on kitchen table issues.


Bob Hedlund was elected to the Senate in 1990, lost in 1992, and defeated the same now incumbent Democrat in 1994.  I wasn’t sure if I should include him on this list or not, but he also fits this model.

Vinny DeMacedo:  In 1998, Vinny DeMacedo defeated incumbent Democrats Joseph Gallitano by just 189 votes.…

Lew Evangelidis:  In 2002, Lew Evangelidis defeated incumbent Democrat David Bunker by a margin of 10,646 to 7,854.  Earlier that year he also won a tight primary fight for the Republican nomination over Mark Ferguson by just 53 votes.  Having both a tough primary and conservative positions clearly did not hurt him.…


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  • Mike, i like you, alot. I respect you. I know you are brilliant, and I know this because I have known you since, what, CRs? In College? But

    But on this point your corrolation is wrong.

    They all KNOCKED ON DOORS like mad men. They worked their butts off. That is why they won.

    The fact that they are conservatives is happenstance.  

    There are plenty, and i mean PLENTY of conservative candidates, that ran as such, who lost tigher races for open seats.

    The amount of work they did is the biggest factor. Only 5-13% care about whether or not a candidate is or is not a conservative.

    So, while you can win and be a conservative, that doesnt mean being a conservative will ensure victory

    Why i am even posting this, I really dont know, but there you have it. Please forgo the slings and arrows in my directions, this is just a correction on a misplaced corrolation

  • you could start by not messing with the aspect ratios of the photos you use.

    You’re making those Republicans look awfully creepy!

  • Hedlund also beat a Delahunt. Both Tisie and Hedlunds seats are close to Boston which is usually a tougher situation for Repubs. too.

  • In 2004, Joe McDonald defeated incumbent Democrat Joseph McDonough for Plymouth County Sheriff.  McDonald was the only Republican to defeat and incument Democrat that year.

    McDonald campaigned on a platform of returning professionalism and integrity to the sheriff’s department.  The Democrat had hired his ex-wife and three cousins to top management positions and promoted his brother to yet another.  He also helped engineer one of the most offensive cases of pension abuse in Massachusetts history, by hiring campaign supporter Charlie Lincoln and allowing him to double his pension.  None of them work there anymore.

  • Festus Garvey

    …Let’s see…four examples of the “conservative formula” winning in MA since 1992…or the last nine elections.  With 160 House races every cycle, thats 1440 races…with 4 examples of how conservatives running against liberal Democrats can win.  And you wonder why I so often use the word delusional around here.

  •  I love how so many of you continue to use Senator Tisei’s comments about Ted Kennedy against him…. The man passed away it is normal for people to say good things about him… do you really think it would help the Republican party if they trashed Ted Kennedy when asked for a comment about his passing. And as far as Tisei’s Romney comment goes… I supported Romney when he ran for Governor but felt he abandoned us… and left Kerry Healey out to hang… So I agree with what Tisei said.

    So why don’t we talk about someone else comments…. Hmmmm maybe Polito’s comments about Obama from a Globe article on January 18 2009. Tisei was talking about a man that had just died… Polito is talking about a man who is going to kill our way of life.

    Karyn Polito:

    Personally I was moved by Barack Obama’s campaign. He’s a very inspirational individual who introduced himself in a short period of time, and captured the heart and soul of the country.


  •   All I have to say is that if these members of our party continue to attack our nominee for Lt. Governor, after the convention we are in serious trouble. No independent is ever going to sign up to support a candidate when the candidates own party is the one doing the smear tactics… People are tired of this, haven’t you seen the reactions of the people when they talk about Governor Patrick, and members of his own party like Dimasi fighting over issues, and attacking one another. The people don’t want it and won’t vote for it…

    And I hate to disappoint all of you especially the Politoites out there, but Richard Tisei has never lost an election (Just like Celluci) and he isn’t going to lose this one… Polito is as far as she will ever go so deal with it and move on.

    You might just throw quotes from the senator that you don’t like, or to try and discourage people from supporting him,  but what he says is always the truth, and that’s what I want, not a person who will say something just to make others happy I want the truth. If you want to vote for an Obama type person who will just tell you what you want to hear and change their opinion to please others then go right ahead but I don’t want that I want a stand up truthful guy like Richard Tisei…

  • Sorry – as a conservative I would like to find some glimmer of hope in your article but it was depressing.  If you think that because Republicans defeated 4 incumbent Democrats in the last 15 years is impressive or indicative of what Republicans can do in 2010 – you my friend are an extreme optimist who will be greatly disappointed in November 2010.

    Only 4 Democrats defeated.  You failed to mention the number of Repiublican incumbents who were ousted.

    I may be a conservative but I am also a realist.  There is no pool for Republican candidates.  We need to build from the grassroots up.  Unfortunately, our type of grass does not grow in the People’s Republic of Mass.

    I will settle for a liberal Republican over a liberal Democrat any day of the week.

    Baker – Tisei may not be the ideal ticket, but they give us huge hope that we will be a two party state again.

  •     First off sorry for the delay in the response I was away for the weekend.

    – If you know the bylaws and reason for a convention you would know, that candidates are nominated, and then voted on by the delegates to become the nominated candidates for that party read your rules

    – The reasons why I bring up Karyn Polito are

    A. Those who I am arguing with here on RMG were pushing for her to be the choice for Lt. Governor

    B. She had the only active group pushing for her publicly to be Lt. Governor.

    C. I believe it is her supporters who are bitter that Tisei was chosen, and have chosen to attack him.

    D. Out of all our Elected Republicans in Massachusetts I like her the least, I feel she is fake and only out for herself, and will hurt our party if she is allowed to win higher office.  

    – Why do you all feel the need to attack Senator Tisei….? Yes there might be a handful of extremely conservative, republicans who have been elected, i.e. Polito, Perry, Evangalidis, but there are allot more that have lost…. Healy, Ogonowski, Beatty, Numerous state rep and senate candidates and the same for congress, but there are far more moderate republicans elected, as proven in the Polito crowd losing to Jones, in their attempt to tear apart out party.