How bad do you want a Brown-Coakley poll?

(Lets be blunt.  We do a poll that shows Scott Brown within striking distance, the RNC, NRSC, and national donors will take notice.  Let’s make this happen! – promoted by Cool Cal)

UPDATE Isn’t the free market great? Another respected polling firm has contacted Red Mass Group and offered to do the same poll for $10,000. We’re pledging $500 to the effort. – Rob

How bad do you want a Brown-Coakley poll?  Red Mass Group has been quoted by a well respected polling firm $20,000 to commission the first Red Mass Group Poll ever.  This poll would be used next week to poll the US Senate Race.

The finances of Red Mass Group do not lend themselves to paying for such an effort.  If however you the loyal readers of Red Mass Group wanted to pitch in to help pay for a poll we can make this happen.

If you are of the mind to help pay for this poll please contact us at with the amount you are willing to pledge.  

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  • A major polling company, Public Policy Polling, is taking suggestions on where to poll next week and will let people vote. That would be free. Any money that could be put into a poll here could be used by the Brown campaign


    Go here and vote MA!!

  • I think the money would be better spent by  giving to Brown. I thought that when I first saw post and now voted on the free poll, MA is way ahead.  The only thing happening any time soon is this MA senate race, they probably will pick MA, but that’s only my guess.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I have plenty of shovel-ready polls just waiting for financing.