Has Christy Live gone dead again?? And – only $2,000 in the bank ?!?! How will he pay Regan?

Has ‘Christy Live,’ been cancelled for poor ratings?  The web cast which we were told by mihosreds (my new name for the legion of Mihos volunteers who monitor this page) was here to stay, hasn’t appeared in a long time.  Simple question before you attack me personally – is the program going to appear again any time soon?

Also, here’s what the Boston Herald has to say about Christy’s campaign in today’s paper.  The Herald says Christy has very little money in the bank. How will he pay consultants like Democrat George Regan (as previously documented on this page and as noted in OCPF reports) – that is, if Regan is still on board?  Most of Christy’s original staff has left, and most of the ’06 crew won’t work for him (see past articles by Holly Robichaud, Mihos former consultant, at the Boston Herald)

 Talk about no money in the bank.  No wonder Christy’s home was liened by the IRS for failure to pay taxes timely.  Mihos had to pay an IRS PENALTY of $22,000 for failing to pay on time more than $143,000 in taxes.  He told the Globe that he did not have the cash.

Mihos’ problems with the IRS actually pale in comparison to those of his ADVISOR DICK MORRIS, the man who ran the Clinton campaign.  In 2003 the IRS put a one million dollar plus Lien on Morris for past due taxes, and the state of Connecticut reported that Morris owed $452,367 to the state for taxes and penalties.

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No wonder these two guys are pushing Carla Howell’s tax cut proposals.  While the rest of us want lower taxes for good reasons, Morris and Mihos just don’t pay their taxes on time, unlike the rest of us who believe in obeying the law.  

I love how rich people think they are so above the laws that the rest of us might not like, but know we have to obey as citizens.  It was Ronald Regan who said that citizenship means obeying the laws of the elected government.  We don’t change laws by breaking them, we change them in a civilized manner at the ballot box.


Here’s text of the aforementioned Herald article –  P.S.  January is just around the corner.  When you caucus, make sure to support someone who is not eccentric.  We need a nominee who is stable and not laughable. This is a race for governor, not dog catcher.

Herald Article by Chabot –

Gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos is having a tough holiday season. First, the family’s 15-year-old Yorkie Regan, died mid-month, then Mihos suffered a nasty fall last week in which he was knocked unconscious and even broke a few teeth. His campaign, meanwhile, has also taken a hit as his balance dropped below $2,000 this month and his main campaign phone is disconnected. Here’s wishing Mihos a much improved 2010.

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