Greater Boston Tea Party Meet-Up at The Green Dragon Tavern

REMINDER [NOT Tea-baggers but Tea Partiers] Greater Boston Tea Party Meet-Up at The Green Dragon Tavern 7:30 PM  Thursday, December 10th THE GREEN DRAGON TAVERN, the “Headquarters of the Revolution”, was a favorite watering hole of the original Sons of Liberty, including Paul Revere and  John Hancock, as they plotted the American Revolution and debated the Constitution.  It played an important role in Paul Revere's ride and the original Boston Tea Party.

Now, a new generation of Tea Party Patriots is gathering over drinks at the Green Dragon to plan the second American Revolution, restoring the Constitution  as the law of the land.  We are livid Libertarians, commiserating Conservatives, recalcitrant Republicans and disaffected Democrats united in our dedication to  individual liberty, constitutionally limited government, free markets and free speech.  If you are of a like mind, join us!  You aren't the only one in Boston who  still has (and reads) Common Sense.

Grab your tri-corner hat and come grab a pint – yes, the beer comes in pints! – at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of every month at the Green Dragon. The Green Dragon Tavern, 11 Marshall Street in the North End near Fanueil Hall and Government Center.  Ask for the tea partiers.

Forwarded by Edward Wagner


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